Hi. Quick history.

AVM ruptured and operated on in July 2013.

Small (possibly associated) aneurysm found but not treated.

I've been getting intermittent headaches on my left forehead in this small spot above my eyebrow. Sometimes I feel it in my upper forehead and other times in my hairline. Usually mild but occasionally more severe. I'm a stressed out person which doesn't help. Does this mean that my aneurysm has grown and is now causing problems? I was deemed very low risk by my surgeon last year and he extended my monitoring time. He more or less told me there was nothing to fear. I've been noticing these headaches since probably March or so but never thought to question it. The pain is generally not something I'd worry about without my past history. I had a pretty bad one last night but I had a stressful day. They always resolve with sleep or time. I never have them for days in a row. It's usually a week or more apart. I don't always pay attention because they aren't usually that bad. I'm going to keep track and call my doctor on Monday if I get another one. I'm just worried that this means my "low risk" aneurysm is now high risk.

I asked my surgeon to point out where my aneurysm was several months ago and it seemed to be where my headaches are. Probably not exactly but close enough to make me wonder. Nobody warned me about headaches being a red flag though. I'm so confused that such a small aneurysm could cause pain when most aneurysms (Even large) don't cause symptoms at all. Could this be residual from my AVM surgery.... or just a side effect? I don't remember the last time I felt a headache on the right side. Thank you. I feel like I'm pretty late in worrying about/addressing this.

Joy, are you on avmsurvivors? Headaches post surgery are common, and often are local to the AVM site.