Question about Aneurysm and AVM

I just got my CTA report yesterday and it says that my aneurysm measure at 10x8x6 with a 5 mm broad neck. It also says that there are indications of Arteriovenous malformation. Does anyone else have this? If you do, what does it mean and how did you get it treated? The doctor is supposed to call me today to talk about it, but I’m very anxious now…Thanks for any input!

hi Tossa,

I should wait until you talk to your doctor, before trying to translate the medical report by yourself, things can seem an awful lot more scarey when things are not explained by those in the know. You have found yourself amongst friends who have encountered aneurysms with many different shapes, sizes and locations, and have undergone successful different procedures of treatment, who can give advice and support you with their own experiences, my aneurysm did not have any of your factors so cannot advise you as I would like, apart from please try not to compare yourself with others just yet, especially what you may find on the internet and such until you have spoken to your doctor for their imput. I did all the above and scared myself silly, but once explained by my doctor things looked different in poormans terms rather than reading medical script.

There are so many factors when dealing with aneurysms that the size, shape and neck may mean so much or less when in a different location to another.

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Thanks Gaynor. My neurosurgeon in Birmingham called and said that the aneurysm definitely will need to be clipped. He doesn’t do many clipping procedures, so I am going to be going to Emory University Hospital to see Dr. Barrow on October 12th. I guess he’ll be able to tell me more about what they need to do with the AVM if anything! I’m just anxious waiting and anxious about my upcoming surgery. Thanks for the input!

Hi Tossa and welcome to BAF,

Here you will receive the best emotional caring loving understanding been there done that answers and responses to anything you post is what I have found out since my annie surgery. And you will also see that most people probably know more about their annies than they know about the corner closet in their home that hasn't been opened since they stored stuff in there 10 years ago and forgot about!! LOL

Talk with your doctor, make a list and bring it to your appointment so you can have all your questions answered and read everything you can, that's what I did prior to my surgery. My only regret was that I didn't find BAF before my surgery, but am so glad I did afterward. It has been the source of my energy and emotions from the minute I signed on.

Best wishes in your upcoming journey. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



I ditto Linda's comments above! all is so true and i wish I had found this support group before my annie surgery. I am post op 3 months tomorrow and all is well. Still have headaches, but, improving. Keep us posted on your progress and journey during this change in your life. Support is a huge part of the healing process.

Prayers and encouraging words for you!

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I will keep you all posted on my consult and surgery...thanks for the encouraging words and I loved reading about all your success stories. It has given me a little bit of confidence and put me a little more at ease...

Again, Tossa Welcome...!

Write down your questions to ask your Doctor...

Anxious is understandable...let him know you have feelings of anxiety...!

Gotcha in my Prayers...Colleen

I guess I’m having surgery on Tuesday…I’m relieved and uneasy at the same time! I’ll keep you all posted! :slight_smile:

Hi Tossa…I had a 9mm annie that was leaking on my Basilar Tip…it was coiled in November of 2010…wish I could help out with yours but you will have to wait for the Doctor…this is a long journey and takes time…you got my prayers sweetie…Cyber~healing thoughts your way…Colleen

Hi, Tossa,

I have a 5-6 cm cerebral AVM. It was just diagnosed in April (thankfully without any bleeds!) It was during the scans for beginning to treat my AVM that we found my aneurysms.

Due to size & shape, my AVM is not a good candidate for embolization. Due to location and size, Gamma Knife radiation is a better option for me than craniotomy. I had my first GK treatment in early June. At that time, my neurosurgeon expressed concern about an aneurysm & wanted me to have a craniotomy to clip it--it also was not a good candidate for embolization.

I had my crani to clip it in July--and when they opened me up, they found a second aneurysm that was close to rupturing. They clipped that one, too.

I had a change in my migraines, so I just had another MRI this week. My brain is showing remodeling, so my surgeon says things are good.

I go back for another GK treatment in December.