Recovery time

My surgeon said for coiling week off work and clipping 3 weeks. Doesn’t seem long enough, is it accurate?

I’m not sure what the recovery time is for just having the procedure done. I had a ruptured aneurysm and had it and an unruptured one coiled on February 10,2012. I went back to work part time on June 1st & back full time February 2013. I think a week or two might not be enough time.

Yeah mine is unruptured

Hey Fiona,

Hum...with both clippings, I can honestly say that no, theres no way in the world I would've been in the greatest of shape in order to return to work--not that quickly ! And on my last clipping, my recovery was marvelous...3 months is what i'd think would be semi-right for a clipping procedure with no for the coil, in my case, no....(Infact I was put on a years disability after my coil procedure, however I had been in a coma due to an sah when my coils were done..) ...the doctor's time frame seems just a bit on the overly optimistic scale, at least from what I recall in my experiences......So no, i'd say it is NOT accurate.. Peace, Janet

Clipping for me too...the neurosurgeon has recommended 6-8 weeks off ( more or less as needed )..he suggested retruning to work partime for a shortwhile...

Was that,ruptured

Fiona and Ashhan..

Even 6 -8 weeks for a clipping procedure (even in a perfect world), is honestly pushing the envelope I think...Hopefully both of you will have super fast recovery-times but really, give yourselves some time to heal....Peace to you both !!


nope..waiting for clipping to be done on 13th may

It's funny..I tried to convince the neurosurgeons office for 12 weeks off...they said this kind of surgery only gets 6..max 8 weeks :) I doubt I'll be taking care of any patients in 8 weeks...