Recovery time for clipping/cooling?

What were you recovery times after a procedure? When did you return to work? What was recovery like? For those with young children how long until you commenced normal duties?

Hi Fiona, I had 2 annies clipped and was driving (short distances) in 2 weeks and returned to work in 5 weeks. You can't really compare recovery times though, there's so many variables involved, not everyone is the same.

It's been 9 months and I still feel like my brain is recovering. If you have small children it would be best to have help for the first 2 weeks if you have that option.

best wishes :)

It all depends on how your procedure went...most after coiling are back to their normal things within 6 for ie., I was in ICU and had 2 bleeds and a cut parent vessel...which caused recovery to last longer than I expected...not to mention I had some severe headaches after surgery for about 6 months...~

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HHi Fiona

Yeah it is hard to say as everyone is so different, my 1st annie was clipped and the doctor put me on 3 months disability however I had plenty of trouble with my vision on that one so 4 months was more realistic for me....the 2nd clipping I again was given the standard 3 months disability yet I was feeling fine in less then 2 months, driving within the 1st coupla' weeks and such. I had coils after an Sah/coma in 2006, and was off on Disability for a year but was back on track within 4 or 5 month, tops. .. So, it (these surgeries and /or procedures) don't seem to follow a perfect guideline, it all depends on so many other factors. Best of Luck Fiona! Janet