Recovery Questions

Hi All,

This is salvationannies' daughter, and I am posting this to gain more insight on the recovery process. Today is my Momma's first day of recovery after surgery and as expected she is very exhausted. Due to her energy level our visits are short and sporadic. Because of this I hope that when we do visit her that we are able to see her in a comfortable, relaxed state.

My family and I noticed that she has had trouble focusing on anything other than her injuries/deficiencies. So, I ask those who are family members of a patient, what was something that you found beneficial to refocusing your loved ones mind? To those of you who are patients, what is comforting in that moment of distress that will help shift your mind from panic to peace?

Thank you again to all of you who are continuing to pray, encourage and give knowledge regarding my Momma's surgery! It is more humbling and comforting then you will know, and I thank you with all of my heart. Each of you is a lovely blessing to my family!

God Bless


It is so special that you're posting here with your future concerns for your moms well being, having a family who loves and cares for her is paramount to the recovery process...I'm a Survivor of a craniotomy/clipping in 1998, a coil/coma in 2006 and then another clipping in 2010...and the biggest thing for me when I came home from the hospital was, wanting to be able to rest comfortably in a quiet atmosphere, with little expectations from me other then to rest...I know that in 1998, noise and bright light were a bit bothersome to me so I demanded all the shades be down and no lights on and I was fortunate in that I didn't have to worry about anything other then myself really, my husband was very cooporative to my needs and we didn't have a lot of guests for about the 1st week or so after I came home...And in retrospect, when I think about my other surgeries and coming home afterward, I know I preferred to again to be off in our bedroom to relax in the quiet.

I don't know if the surgeoun had to cut thru your moms temporal muscle (jaw muscle) or not to gain access to do the clippings, but if so then your mom's going to have a hard time opening her mouth in order to eat and easily chew food, so that is something to consider when it comes to your moms eatting habits, at least for a stretch until all the muscles heal up. soft food like yogurt or scrambled eggs were the easiest things to eat for me I know...and try to make sure she drinks plenty of fluids when she's home.

Right now it might seem a little bit awkward as you say your mom seems to be focusing on her injuries, but right now this IS her main focus (So many of us here on this website have been in the exact position as she, and believe me this is no 'hurry up and heal' situation) This is a process, one that will unfold gradually, and each day she'll gain strength. So right now I'd say to let that slide, she needs to focus on herself in order to get to the next step(s), pamper her with love and make sure she doesn't overdo things as best you can. Try to ensure that there is little commotion or noise and just let her rest as much as possible...

Peace to you and your family as you watch your Mom transform (gradually) back to her same old self !


I am so glad she got through it okay - great news! My coiling is in less than 2 weeks and I'm nervous & I focus on the unknown. I think the best thing you can do for her is let her talk and just listen and sympathize & keep telling her how happy you are she is still with you & didn't have an aneurysm burst. I found when I learned of my aneurysm, that people who downplayed my fears left me feeling that I wasn't entitled to feel absolutely terrified that I have a ticking bomb in my head. It's not a good feeling. By all means remind her that she is strong and will get through this, but let her feel her honest feelings and be able to express them without any judgment; I think allowing her that and offering your time & comfort is the best thing you can do for her right now. Give her our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

Your mom is so lucky to have you! Your love and support will help her so much. I think Donnas advice is wonderful. I know as a person who hasn’t even had treatment yet, that it is hardest for me when I have to hold my feelings in. Those feelings need to be expressed, so I agree that letting her talk and listening is important. As well as telling her she’s strong and brave. It may also help to provide some simple kinds of diversions to at least briefly get her mind off herself. Something simple like telling a story of something that happened that day, looking at some photos together. Our minds can heal faster if they get breaks from worry.
:slight_smile: Karen

Hi there. I haven’t seen anything from you lately and hope recovery from surgery has been going okay. You’ve been in my thoughts.

Hi and note I am praying for mom's continue healing...this is a long journey...and it is important to not have big expectations for mom...but to love her and tell her and let her ... heals the brain...and to keep in mind "the littlest improvements are big when comes to the brain"... she will refocus when her mind can do this...but hugs and rest helped me a lot...~ Colleen