Recovery post surgery for frontal brain aneurism

My brother had artherscopic brain surgery 8 days ago for a ruptured aneurism. He is very distracted and doesn’t seem to be able to focus or follow any kind of conversation. In anyone elses experience is this a common problem and did it improve as time went on?

My brother is going thru emotional mood swings, crying one minute joking the next. Talking about Vietnam, something he never does. All part of the healing process?

yes to me very much so...the recovery process is slow n easy being very careful not to rush things,,some people get frustrated because they are not used to not having control over the normal, everyday functions of our body and brain..let him know it does get better and it might be a month or two before he feels a bit back to his old or as i call it your new self..making sure to keep his sense of humor and dont get mad when he forgets something...short term memory loss is a symptom of the surgery but you can do brain excercises to improve your family tells me i slept for two days after the surgery..and when i woke up was asking for dairy queen hamburger n ice was kinda funny looking backk on it now,,some of the meds they give him will cause a change in his actions as well,,just hang in there and remind him hes been thru alot as has his brain..and remind him to be nice,,that he will get better as time goes on and the the new motto is slow n easy is detrimental in healing,,you rush it may cause a setback..prayers going out to him and your family..there is a post on here called"a letter from your brain" read it to him,,,God bless//michelle n texas..5mm anny rupture october 2009..survivor!

Thank you for your advise to remind him to take it "slow n easy" that will be the toughest thing for him to do. Your help is greatly appreciated.