Recovery from clipping

Hi all

I have just been diagnosed with a berry aneursym in the mid left middle cerebral artery. It measure 4.6mm. I have been scheduled for a clipping procedure in Sept/Oct. I have found a lot of information on the actual operation on the internet but I can't seem to find anything on recovery times or post operative care. Found this site so was just wondering if anyone who has gone through a clipping would be able to tell me of their recovery process please.



Go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s Main Page, click on BAF Publications, then click on A Patient’s Guide to Recovery from Brain Aneurysm Treatment ( some info here. You can also try National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Hope this helps.

Thanks a million Donna. Will check it out now.

Donna Mignone said:

Go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s Main Page, click on BAF Publications, then click on A Patient’s Guide to Recovery from Brain Aneurysm Treatment ( some info here. You can also try National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Hope this helps.

Hi Claire - I was clipped on November 27, 2009. I ruptured on Thanksgiving day. I guess I am lucky to be here! I was in the hospital for 15 days and was back to work March 1, although working remotely but for 1 day/week. I was off pain killers as of 12/31 - went to speech and cognitive therapy for 4 weeks - and started riding the bike at the gym on 1/1/2010.

Still recovering - headaches and fatigue - but all in all I guess I am lucky!


Hey Claire, I had a berry aneurysm clipped in Feb 2010. I was in the ICU for a couple of days, then on the neuro floor for another 3 days, then was released from the hospital. I was exhausted for the first couple of weeks, and I mean exhausted. I would wake up, eat some cereal and go straight back to bed, sleep until almost noon, get up, eat lunch, then onto the couch where I would usually fall asleep off and on until dinner time, then after dinner, it was off to bed again. Each day, I tried to do more (sit outside instead of on the couch, take a short ride in the car - someone else driving, etc). At first, just taking a bath, though it felt great, took all the energy I had, but little by little, it got better. I didn’t have to go to any kind of therapy (again, mine didn’t rupture, just had a warning leak). I was able to go back to work the first week of April (I was off work for about 6 wks). I still have headaches (not nearly as bad as I know they could be), issues with short term memory, and some pretty hefty issues with mood swings. Other than that, my neurosurgeon has pretty much cleared me. I’ll have an MRI next year in June to check for how things are with the clipping and to see if any new aneurysms have developed. He said I don’t have any restrictions on physical activity, just to listen to my body and ease into things.

Hi Claire,

I had my 7 mm aneursym clipped on June 8th. Mine was in the anterior communicating artery. I was unable to have it coiled due the the size of the neck and the irregular shape of the berry. I was in ICU for 1 day and in a regular room for 5 days. When you wake up and know you are ok, you will be so relieved. I did have to have a blood transfusion since I was having a hard time staying awake and was lethargic but other than that my hospital stay was fine. I don’t remember anything about the first 4 days. The pain was managed with medication. I was off pain meds within 3 weeks. I had my staples removed on day 8, a little uncomfortable but not terrible. I returned home and was able to take care of myself although I did have my family here to help with the house and kids. Friends and co-workers made a lot of meals which was a great help. Be prepared to sleep alot when you get home. My family teases me that I slept 20 out of 24 hours the first week I was home.
Today is one month and I am doing very well. I am driving, going out each day for a little while and expected to return to work on July 27th. Other than being tired, I feel good. My head is still a little sore at the incision site and I wish my hair would grow back faster lol. I am very lucky that I did not need any OT, or PT.
Any questions, just ask!

did you have any short term memory loss? my sister had an 8mm aneurysm clipped on july 2 and besides pain and headaches, she is experiencing some short term memory loss. this is a little scary. she is still in the hosp. and has yet to have her staples removed. thanks so much

Thanks everyone for your replies…it is great to hear from from people who have gone through or know what you are going through. Feeling a lot more relaxed about the clipping so thanks you all. This site is a god send x

Thanks a million Amy. That makes me feel so much better. 2 weeks of sleep dounds good to me :o) Did you have a rupture/leak or was it just preventative clipping?

Sorry just read your reply again and realised you already answered my question! I blame my aneurysm LOL. Ignore me :o)

Hi Lynne…thanks a million for your reply. Its great getting first hand information about what to expect. Had yours ruptured or leaked at that stage or was it clipped before it happened? The reason Iam asking is my main fear of getting it done is I am going into hospital with no symptoms yet I will be coming out “sick” if that makes sense?? I think its just second thoughts creeping in and I am looking for an excuse!!!

Hi there,

I totally understand what your saying. Mine did not rupture or leak. Mine was found in March when I had vertigo and i had an MRI/MRA. The dr. said that the Vertigo had nothing to do with the aneurysm. After the vertigo passed, I had no symptoms and felt fine.I had an angiogram in April to determine what surgery I should have. I waited about 8 weeks to have the clipping surgery with no symptoms and I too had the fear of coming out of the hospital sick. I was sooooooooooooo scared while I waited. The waiting was the worst so I continued to work up to the surgery to keep busy. My biggest fear was the pain I would go through thinking that having brain surgery must lead to enormous pain. The dr. kept telling me not to worry that I would get medications to control the pain. He was right. I had surgery on a Tuesday morning and I really don’t remember anything untill Friday night. The last few days in the hospital when I was more awake, I was uncomfortable at times as the medication wore off but never was I in horrible pain. Even getting the staples out was not terrible, just a little uncomfortable. Within 2 1/2 weeks I really felt good just tired. I understand that being tired stays for quite some time and even just going out to dinner or the store still wears me out.

You have no idea how much better I feel after reading your message. I have been reading all sorts of articles on the internet and they are mostly horror stories so to read one like yours is such a weight off my mind. I have to wait til Sept/Oct for operation so I have just banned myself form all websites bar this one and am going to try just get on with life until I know the date at least. I ordered a medical alert ID bracelet this morning so really there is nothing more I can do until I go the hospital so from the today its the new me :o) You’re a star…thank you so much x x

Hi there,

I did not have any short term memory loss that I’m aware of. My dr. took my staples out on day 8 but I have heard some dr’s don’t take them out for 10 days. I stayed in the hospital longer than was expected because I too was having pain and headaches and I was given a CT scan just to make sure everything was ok. I have talked to people who have had STM loss and other problems after surgery and still made complete recoveries…I’m sure your sister will be fine, it just may take time.

Sometimes the internet is too informative alright. This site is by far the best I have come across as its straight from the horses mouth as such. Great to here your survival story and congratulations on being a grandad x x

Claire- I had an aneurysm clipped 32 years ago. There was no such thing as coiling them back then. I was told at the time that it would take a full year to recover and it did. Every person is a little different and I know that medicine has come a long way in 32 years. I had an 8 week old and a 3 year old that I had to have some help with for a while. I know that for me-it took a week after I got home just for my head to feel like it belonged to my body again from all the drugs. I remember that I got tired easily (I still do) and I have had to learn to give in and make myself rest. One of the worst things for me is to get overtired. This seems to be a common thread with all survivors. I gradually got back into my old routine and was fortunate that I did not have a “real job” that I had to go back to. I did not need any type of therapy-I got mine from 2 small children! One of the most important things to remember is that it is just going to take time as much time as your body needs to get better-you cannot rush that- you have gone thru a major surgery! I will keep you in my prayers please let me know how you are doing. Stay in touch!!!

I’m glad I could help, please don’t hesistate to ask me questions as you get closer…

I have one word for your recovery Becky and it is…WOW!! Well done. Its great to hear that is possible even with a rupture. Back to work one week after discharge from hospital is amazing and with no pain medication either. You are definitely an inspiration. I am feeling a lot better about the surgery since I found this site. I rang the hospital today about a possible date and they told me they haven’t got one yet but they will give me plenty of notice…at least one week!!! I could follow that with lots of rude words but I will be nice :o) I had an leg operation a few years back and I was told I would be bed ridden for a week…I was operated on on the Friday, home on the Saturday and (don’t tell the surgeon) in the pub on the Sunday so hopefully that says something about my powers of recovery and this time will be no different (not the going the pub bit LOL)!!! Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the great work x x

Hi Claire,

Although, I am new to this site as well, I don’t have the answer on recovery time. But, I had a question for you. How long after finding out that you had the aneurysm did you wait to have the clipping procedure? Just wondering. Wishing you sucessful recovery.

Hi Reine

My aneurysm was discovered in March’10. Clipping scheduled for Sept or October. It was June before I even saw the Neurosurgeon but that is just the way things are in Ireland. That was privately as well. If I was going public my first appointment is scheduled for 25/11/2011. The health service is very bad. I wanted the clipping done straight away but unfortunatley no chance of that :frowning:

Are you waiting for the clipping as well?