Clipping surgery in 2 weeks

Hello, I was diagnosed with an aneurysm in the anterior communication area of the brain. My surgery is on 10/10/11 and I am beginning to get very frightened. Because of my age and shape of the aneurysm they feel that clipping is the best course of action. Can anyone tell me how long the average recovery time is as long as everything goes according to plan. I have Crohns disease(an autoimmune disease) as well, so I am a bit worried about the healing. Thanks so much. I am really glad there is a support group like this as I am finding it difficult to talk to family or friends. I don’t want to appear worried or scared to them.

Hi there for the one of mine that hadn’t ruptured I went in on a Thursday had op on Friday was back home the following Thursday and was pregnant two wks later so I was fine didn’t need pain killers at alĺ. Goodluck hope it alĺ goes well.

hi kristi, as far as recovery we all have our own time line and some of us arent 100% maybe 90%. You will be tired have some headache and may smell things and not be able to taste but it will be quicker than mine, i had a rupture and have some defeceits but i’m alive. good luck.

Hi Kristi,

I did not have a clipping, I had a pipeline stent and still have another small wait and watch annie, but my sister had a 5mm anterior communicating artery annie clipped about a year and a half ago. She had what her doctor called a berry shaped annie, and her doc did feel the best course for her was clipping.

I know you are frightened, as we all were when our annies were discovered and then of course there is the wait for the surgery.

Recovery is an indivudal journey each of us has to endure and is based on many different factors. The best advice anyone can give you is to just listen to your body and your brain. It will tell you when enough is enough!! Rest when you are tired just mind your body's suggestions when it's time to take it easy.

I wish you best of luck in your upcoming surgery and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes,


Hi Kristi,

Recovery is different for everyone. Rest & more rest is important those days after. I pray for you that all goes according to plan :-)

Thoughts and prayers


Hi Kristi

Not had clipping as my annie was coiled, we all recover differently but one thing that is for sure, rest, positive thinking, rest, listening to your own body, and a little more rest appears to be best prescribed for any annie procedure.

Thoughts and prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery and speedy recovery

Best wishes


Hi, Kristi. I am new to this also. I just found out they cannot do clipping on mine - I will have a coil and stent hopefully in the next 3 weeks.

Good luck on your surgery. One thing I have found is that with clipping, after they have cleared you afterwards, you will not have to be watched continually. I originally hoped for coiling, then clipping - now I learned I can't have the clipping because of the location. I, too, am scared - though I realize that I would probably be more scared if I was having the clipping.


Hi Kristi, my clipping surgery is also on 10/10. I understand how you are feeling as fear is starting to creep in for me also. I suffer from chronic daily headaches and so worry about the effect the surgery will have on them. I just keep telling myself that this is something I have to do to lead a normal life and that I have gotten through extremely difficult times before. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Take care and best wishes.


Thank you so much Wendy…I hope you have some relief from your headaches after surgery. I have been having them also but I think they are from stress as they get worse as the day goes on and my nerves start getting the better of me. I think the photos on here freaked me out even more as I am ver squemish when it comes to stitches, etc. I wish you best of luck and speedy recover as well.

Thank you so much Gaynor. The prayers and good wishes really do help me get through the day…

Kimberley, thank you so much for the prayers. I do plan on doing nothing but resting and watching TV or reading after the surgery.

Thank you so much Linda...I appreciate and will take all the prayers I can. Sounds like your sister came through everything well. I am glad for you and your family. Prayers to you on your "wait and see" annie. I am sure everything will work out for you as well. I know that finding it early is the key to having a great outcome.


In my case ,I had a ruptured aneurysm which became a sub arachnoid hemorrhage. I had an emergency craniotomy with clipping . Along with complications , I am not only still under my neuro surgeons care, my pcp is also very active in the state of my health . I have seen him monthly since the rupture. I am 10 months post-op , and am about to have my first angio , to check the status of the clip, and to see if there is anything else happening . Being a member of this community has helped me tremendously . I understand more about not understanding me everyday . I am a newbie. Reading about all the wonderful people and their experiences has helped me cope ,heal and yes, deal with the fear of the unknown . And those who help don't even know me . I hope this site gives to you what I have recieved .

All my best to you


Amen to that Gaynor!!

Hi kristi...You have my thoughts and prayers...

Everyone is different with Healing and often takes longer because of other health thing for sure, this is a long journey that teaches us patience...and alot of rest to heal...

We are all here for You...Colleen

It’s ok to be worried and scared. I sufferd a rupture in Dec. 2010, and then had a cranio and clipping this past July… talk about fear! It’s natural and normal. It took months of recovery after the rupture… and only weeks for the cranio and clipping. Clipped on 7/28 and went home 8/1. AMAZING! My jaw still hurts and my noggin is still numb, but my eyebrow is beginning to work again! (Eyebrows are overrated) I stayed fatigued for a while, but everything seems to be back to normal now… almost. Trust in your family and friends, and lean on them during this time. It will make the journey much more manageable.