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HI there , I need support I just received a letter from my cardiology and he added a new diagnosis on my char.? He added a thoracic aortic aneurysm.? meaning that this is my second aneurysm. I have one in the brain , and I believe this is another one???

I feel so upset , to know that I probably have another one? I need support please help. Also I want to know who has more than 2 aneurysm that would make me feel supported and not alone. Please support.

Noly, take a deep long breath, slow down. It is a bit unnerving to find out there’s yet another aneurysm. Just last year I had to go to the urologist for blood in my urine. I asked why and she replied it’s the million dollar question. After a battery of tests, she was explaining about weakened blood vessels and I just looked at her started laughing. She and the Resident looked at me and she started laughing. We had to explain to the Resident I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and knew a thing or two.

Aneurysms can happen anywhere in the body. They don’t just occur in the brain. Here’s Wikipedia’s explanation Aneurysm - Wikipedia

Remember to breathe, we are here for you

thank you so much for your support


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Yes there are different kinds of aneurysms-and a thoracic one is in or around your heart. Please follow up on that quickly as those can be just as deadly as the brain kind. I’m so sorry for your diagnoses, but I think with quick intervention this new one can be handled. Please keep us informed on your progress and ask questions of the docs to see if there’s any correlations between brain aneurysms and thoracic aneurysms.

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thank you

A thoracic aneurysm is on the top part of the largest artery in the body, called the aorta. It is most likely NOT related to your brain aneurysm, however, the risk factors are similar. Mainly hypertension, smoking, family history. Obesity plays a role, as it does with everything (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc). There are always exceptions. My dad had an AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) and they just watched it until it grew. They placed a gortex graft in and now he’s good as new!!

Definitely follow your cardiologist’s advice and maybe get a second opinion?


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Thank you so much for your supported words. I really appreciated!


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They found 3 aneurysms in my brain. There is a large neck on my middle artery near bifurcation and it grew 2 sacs branching off it like a tree. The other is posterior side of my communication artery. All are on the right side of my brain and none have leaked or ruptured to date. The first date available for my craniotomy is April 27, 2023!

I read that many times if you have one in your brain then more than likely you have another elsewhere.

They are familia connected- I have a sister with thoracic aneurysm and a brother with abdominal thoracic; both are currently being observed.

I’ve read that as well, many times. I need to close this topic because it’s two years old…but thank you for posting!