Recently diagonosed with 2mm aneurysm

Hello, I am 43 mother of 2 youngs boys. We live in Kansas. I have a wonderful supportive husband who understands how scared I am. I went into the hospital with what was thought to be Orbital Cellulitits in my eye and in the process of testing the doctors found a 2 mm left Medial Interior lobe Aneurysm. I did go in and have a angiogram to confirm the findings, My Dr. feels that it is not necessary to do anything with it until it reaches 5 to 6mm. He also told us when the time comes that it he does not think it will be able to be coiled that he will have to cut it out. He has suggested a follow up Angiogram in one year. I have headaches everyday, my neck on the right side base of my head hurts to touch, and I think the most nerve racking thing is my short term memory is shot. I just dont understand anything about aneurysm except that I am scared.

I really dont want to sound stupid but I have questions that I need answered.

1. How fast do these grow?

2. Is the headaches, memory loss, neck pain all from the aneurysm?

3. How will I know if it is leaking?

4. Will it ever go away?

5 What are my chances of more popping up

6. At what point do I search for another opinion?

As you can see I am very scared and worry about this day in and day out.

Hello Amy~

Welcome to the site and hope you can find some support and answers. Based only upon my experience with a ruptured anneursym that was coiled I will try and give you my views:

1) No way to know how fast or when - it is all based upon your specific situation

2) For me the headaches , memory loss and neck pain was definitely due to the aneursym but after the coilings that has subsided for the most part. (I had one coiling in Feb 2010 and a follow up on the same in March 2010 and am still watching due to a wide neck remnant that is not sealed - I don't want to stent at this time)

3) No way to know for sure that it is leaking - mine was confirmed with a spinal tap, after suffering severe headache, vomiting, dizzyness, double vision, right eye issues and right facial paralysis, sever fever and chills, and neck pain. (I had no idea of any problem what so ever until the day I finally made it to my doctor and then immediate emergency surgery.)

4) Others have reported miracles of theirs going away...not mine, but it hasn't gotten any larger either. How strong is your faith???

5) Again, no way to predict. Depends on your specific situation. I only have one, have been checked with MRI's twice since my last coiling, have no others and no additional growth. I have no family or genetic connections, and have no other health issues other than high blood pressure. (It's believed that mine was caused by high stress work and the increased high blood pressure) I have had to make life changes and do have to limit physical exertion (no heavy lifting, etc. but am confident this is my one and only for me and my changes were due to my profession and would not affect most others in this situation.)

6) I would seek another opinion now just to put your mind at ease. I would read as much information you can about your exact location and other accounts/research/information/etc. on this site to try and educate yourself so that you can obtain a second opinion and then be able to question the specialist. I was not afforded that option as mine had leaked and I was in sever pain for a week while I was working away from home. Upon my return to my community I went immediately to my doctor who sent me via ambulance to a teaching /trauma hospital. I believe that I have had the best treatment and am very satisfied with the coiling procedures and follow up exams I have undergone, as well as my continued future plans.

My story is only one of the lucky survivor stories and it works for me to continue on a wait and watch path - for many others, this is not something they choose and prefer to have a craniotomy.

Sorry for the long answers and any typos (that's part of the after affects for me). Feel free to touch bases with me personally if you want to chat more. Take care and may you find health and peace in your journey.

H, Lots of what happen to me is the same as Linda below. You really need a 2nd opinion especially where there a drama 3 or 4 center that can handle your situation. I had 2 doctors tell me to totally different things and the 2nd doctor told me I leaked and was luckly to be alive. The 1st doctor said I had nothing to worry about. I had a coiling and had alot of your symtoms (have memory issues pls excuse my spelling) Good Luck and can detail more later if you would like. I use to leave in springfield missouri years and years ago. I leave in CA now. LIght adn prayers coming your way. Kim

Hello Amy, I am a 42 year old mother of 3 and had a ruputure annie. I didn't know I even had it till it burst. I was a very lucky lady.. this happened in Jan. 2010. For your questions which aren't stupid I don't really think they know how fast they grow.

2. I would say the headaches and neck pain be from aneurysms as when I went to the doctor they asked me if I had any symtoms like this and I only remember having a headache and neck pain but I was blaming this on a fall I had 2 weeks prior. My memory of the whole deal I don't remember but my husband went through it all. He is why I am here today, cause he responded so fast in getting me medical attention. I had a clip done as they couldn't do the coiling because where it was. I am thankful to live through it with only short term memory problems.

3. No nothing about that sorry.

4. Not until it has been coiled or clipped. but yes after that. Had a CT scan in the summer and mine was gone and no new ones.

5. Another question I can't really answer as when I asked my specalist he said no then I found this website and I see others do get more popping up.

6. Please get another opinion.

My prayers are with you.


Hello, Amy...and welcome, it is great you can ask questions...we can only suggest what to ask your neurospecialist... and/or for a second may elect to do both...Get your med records to better understand the terminology of the artery / lobe, help your research and questions to ask the neuro.

1. No way to predict...likely vary in time depending on the aneurysm location, our overall health and of our arteries; if any accident bouncing the inside of our head; i.e. MVA, fall, etc. that may initiate/generate growth.

2. I believe symptoms are related and start even earlier which are not addressed/considered to be unusual... when the lighter headaches/pressure begins...and, mini-memory lapses...which I call blank-outs vs black-out and, more..

3. What did your md suggest you watch for? My personal opinion is that it varies, too; i.e. location of the aneurysm, and potential rupture location, volume of a leak...Ask your neuro if the angio images display the most weakend area that may likely become the leak/rupture site. Because I had ruptured, there was no question about its location in my natural aneurysm.

4. Do you mean the symptoms, i.e. headache, etc...after treatment; or if the aneurysm may diminish on its own... The daughter of friends was in a diff hospital than me, was diagnosed w/aneurysm...hers did disappear before treatment. She was told to reduce her exercise and a few more things...When we have our NY greetings, I will ask status and if she has had follow-up to assure no re-growth/development.

After treatment, many of us have continued symptoms, some decline, are intermittent, and some can expand for various reasons by location, its size, the quality of treatment...

It is more than delightful to read from others when they share their remarkable results.

5. If I remember correctly, stats show apx 20% of us have more than one. I know of one local peer who had three all diagosed w/the diagnosis of the one that had ruptured.

6. If/when you are not comfortable w/answers from your current provider...get a second opinion.

Do secure your records for the terminology to help you research, share w/us, and, definitely to ask your neuro questions. You can also secure a CD of your angiogram. Do ask your neuro of hisexperience, i.e. average annual treatment; how many years of experience, and whatever else comes to mind...

The BAF has (if I remember correctly), a draft image of the circle of Willis which is the connector source of our cerebral arteries... Once you have the name of the artery, it can be fairly reasonable to research.

Also look at the groups in the BAF site to see if one is near you for local input as well.

You are blessed to have a supportive hubby and an early diagnosis...

Please keep us informed...plan a wonderful, happy New Year for your best decisions.


Heather, thank you for your input on # 2...I was confused reading it; thinking in terms of symptoms before and after treatment.

Can you share more about your fall?

I had a fall...fracturing my shoulder, and, woke up on the cement in terrible pain.

I have always wondered if I had a black-out (syncope) causing the fall...or if I hit my head on the cement when I tripped/fell down a step or two into the garage.

After that first emergency I did secure testing/diagnosis...and, almost a month later had the rupture.

Happy New Year...


I am too new to be able to answer your questions. My own opinion of your situation would be to get a second opinion which may help with your anxiety.

I had an aneurysm rupture behind my right eye in August 2010. I have excellant neurosurgeon who did emergency surgery of clipping it and here I am. Its been 4 1/2 months. I am doing really well considering. I still am very tired at times and have short term memory problems but alive.

A second aneurysm was discovered on the CT angiogram done for the ruptured aneurysm. My doctor says that it is small and we will watch it and have CT angiograms done every six months.

I trust the neurosurgeon's opinion but I still had much anxiety and stress.

I took up restorative yoga, meditation and Energy healing. The energy healing was NOT for actual healing but relieves so much tension. I would probably under normal circumstances never would have considered Energy healing. All these things have helped me to cope and I am doing much better with my anxiety and stress levels.

The Energy healing was suggested by someone on this site and I am willing to try anything that helps.

The yoga and meditation are also helping. I have made a decision to "LIVE" my life and not let the other aneurysm take over my life.

Having said this, I still have good days and bad days. If I cough or sneeze or feel a strange head pain, my mind goes to a dark place where my fears hide.

I am hoping after having my first CT angiogram for follow up, that this will have a good out come helping to me to build more confidence that everything will be o.k.

Sorry if this so long winded but I must add that I PRAY....alot and ask friends and family to help me with that.

I will say a pray for YOU also....

Happy New just turned 2011 Wishing You all Good Things for the New Year....

If you feel not good by your Doctors another opinion...Go with your Gut...!

I do know most surgeons donot want to touch an aneurysm until it is about 5 ~ 6 mm due to both clipping and cutting have there risks...mine was 9mm and they wanted to coil immediately because of size and where mine was located (basilar tip)...most Doctors take in account all history .. or should ... so the best I can tell you...if you don't feel good with what they told you...investigate and find another surgeon...Hubby and Myself had to find a Neurologist that is 45 minutes from home and the Neurosurgeon was 3 hours away...infact, he is very well known for working on you see...sometimes we have to take care of our own health...You have every right to be concerned...Good Luck to you .. !

Hello Amy, sorry to confuse you on #2. My fall I had two weeks prior. I was just got home from the gym and I had my hands full of stuff. I slipped on some ice that was on the cement stairs and instead of letting go all the stuff in my arms I held on to them and my left elbow is what hit the cement stairs first than my butt. I kidda must of turned left for my elbow to hit first... I had a small "v" shape split on my elbow and man did it hurt.

When I was in the hospital my husband mentioned about my fall and they didn't think that was the cause of my condition....

Glad to hear that you survive


Hi Amy,

I am a survivor of a reptured 9mm annie, and 2 coiling surgerires. I did not know i had one I just had headaches that would not go away then my partner of 19 years come home from work and found me half dressed and talking crazy she took me to the hospital were they told her I had a repurted annie. I underwent a coiling in jan. of 08 and lost all memory of those 21 days in the hospital. I still had headaches and some memory loss but the docotors said that was all part of living with the coiling and and annie. well i keept up with my check up every 6 months this past june it had grown. Had pussed the coiling down and refilled up with blood and was getting bigger. I went to another hospital matter of fact Mayo Clinic here in florida and the surgeon here is great, he sat me down and said the location caused the annie to refill i had no choice but to get clamped, so surgery it was. I was 4 weeks in revcovery when he called me back and said that when the fisrt hospital coiled the left annie there was one on the right side too. and in 2 years it went from 2 mm to 4 mm in size and he wanted to coil that one due to my history with the first one.

It is ok to be scared I was and my family and faith helped me. If you feel uncertian get another oponion to ease your mind and if you look up mayo clinic you can get info. on coiling and clamping in the nerosurgery section.

prays with you and your family

be strong and never give up


Thank you everyone for all the replies. I have done a lot of research since I have been diagnosed, been back to the Dr several times. My family Dr and my Neuro are putting me on Anitriptline (increaseing it weekly) until I reach a dose that the headache go away. I think for me, I feel alone and crazy. My anxiety is horrible, I feel like I am walking around with a neck I can not turn, a headache I have had for 2 months, memory loss and my dr tells me it is OK. To me it is not ok. I live in a small community in Kansas. Not a lot of choice with Neuros. I kinda feel like I am stuck with this one Neuro/ Not sure where I could look for another. But I just can not accept that I am going to feel like this until my annie is at the point that they can fix it. The shaking and numbness on my right side only is also another thing that I have mentioned to both Drs and I was told that it is due to the anxiety, to me if that is true then why dont I shake on both sides?? I am so confused and I know I am rambling but you all understand.

Again thank you all for your help