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I had an MRI at one hospital 7 pm on December 22nd. The next morning at 8 am my doctor called me and wanted me to go to Georgetown Hospital in Wash, DC for an MRA. (Weird they set me up for the dye and then did not use it - all I got was a huge bruise on the back of my hand.) Another doctor called me at 6 pm on the23rd to tell me there were 3 aneurysms - not 1 as oriingally thought. (One 9x7 mm, one 5 mm x ?, one 2.5 mmm x ? - I was kind of taken aback when I heard 3). I have an appointment at 3:20 today with a neuro surgeon. My symptoms stated about a month ago - real problems with short-term memory, feeling constantly disoriented, taking way too long to do work assignments that is unusual (6 hours versus a normal 1 hour), severe headaches, nausea… Most scary oddly enough is that the headache is still there but receeded to the top of my skull (the only way I can describe - like it is covering my head but not inside - although I know it is still there) - and has been replaced with increased dizziness and a presssure feeling like someone is trying to push my eyes out of the front of my head), and I’m exhausted. My confusion is that some parties involved to date seem to think this is a serious problem, others (like the radiologist at Georgetown acted like it is no big deal). I guess I’ll see what the neuro surgeon says today - but I definitely plan on getting a second opinion.

I think you are doing the right thing. My partners brain aneurysm ruptured. We had to pre warnings. So I would say let’s hope the Neurosurgeon wants to clip the 3 if that is what you have so you can get well on your way to recovery. Sending hugs from California…>Susan

Wow that had to have been a huge shock!..I only pray that it all gets sorted out for you and quickly.

Many thoughts


Hi Carol, Thank God your were found. My grandfather died unexpectedly from an undiagnosed aneurysm about 15 yrs ago. This past summer my cousin was standing on a ship in the middle of no where (he was in the Navy) dropped dead, leaving his parents devastated. So finding yours is great since most people have no symptoms. I have been having headaches almost daily, My eyes hurt as does my cheek bones, dizziness and I feel exhaused. I have urged my dr. to order an MRA because of my family history and when he finally did the clinic said it would cost me $1,800.00 which is why I’m still suffering from these symptoms. I had a great job with excellent benefits but they closed the bank and all employees were laid off. In the mean while I’m trying to get some government benefits at least to get the MRA, until then I’m in constant pain with this bad headache! Good Luck with yours and I will keep you in prayer.

Thanks Susan. Happy New Year to you!

Thanks Kimberley! I appreciate the thought! I hope so too. Happy New Year.

Hi Julie. Thanks for the reply. I hope you find a way to get the MRA! I’ll keep you in my prayers. Happy New Year.

omg you must of been quite surprised to hear you have 3. I too would get a second opinion as that sounds serious. I had a ruputure Jan. 2010 with no warnings, but I pulled through will only short term memory problem. All the best in the new year.

Heather from Canada

I was just diagnosed with 2 brain annie’s about 3mm each. Doc says no way that caused/causing my 3 week bad headache feels like I’ve been standing on my head too long and someone took my eyes out and didn’t put them back right. Had droopy right eye, slurred speech and was dizzy at times. I never used to nap and now I think I could sleep all the time. This started before I was diagnosed so they can’t say it’s all from stress. He’s checking for dissected carotoid. I’m reading such conflicting information on the internet about symptoms vs no symptoms, don’t know what/who to believe. Doc said they don’t bother treating annie’s unless they’re at least 7mm or ruptured/leaking but sure seems people out there are having them treated smaller than 7mm… Good luck to you.

It’s very difficult - much confusing information out there. I amseeing the head neuro-aneurysm at Georgetown, his oopinion on symptions is different. Had the 1st 2 aneurysms clamped last Friday (once he got in the the smallest of the 3 I have is the one that worried home most of the 1st two he has seen - can’t always believe just size considerations). Back on the 21st to get the third clamped. Once they are ruptured it’s not good so I don’t know. This is not fun but I have to trust in the doctor and I do! Wishing you all the best and sending prayers.

Hi Sweetie...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...that you get some answers and feel comfortable with the Doc you finally decide on going with to take care of your annie's...I just had a 9mm unruptured aneurysm coiled 6 weeks is a "big deal"...because it is happening to us...I wonder with some of these Doc's if they would feel the same if it was their mother, sister, wife or maybe a daughter...would they feel different? Just a thought...

Anyways...take care of "You"...and know that this site is a great support system...cyber hugs Colleen

Hi Carol -

It's great that you got 2 of the 3 taken care of already. You sound great. They did a craniotomy for those? And is that how they will treat the 3rd? It's good that it's all being taken care of quickly. How are you doing.

I also have 3, but only one able to be coiled (and like you, one of the smaller ones was actually the most concerning,but they weren't able to do it and clipping is more risky than watching at this point...)


Thanks so much Colleen. Yes, it is a big deal. Even after surgery I am still in shock. And I would love to find someway to help with this area in the future - I did have “symptoms” though no one but my GP believed me. Hugs to you! Carol

The neurosurgeron at Georgetown did not like what he saw and didn’t want to delay. Believe me, I pushed for a month or two delay before this upcoming second surgery - will be a craniotomy and clipp the 3rd Neruo specialist at Georgetown for the coiling said none of minen were good candidates for that. So come next Friday I will have hair from the crown down only in the band and one mean looking scar on the right side of my forehead/head and one TBD on the left. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a new fashion statement! So are they watching all 3 of yours at the moment? The surgery was scary, and not fun, but it must be nerve-wracking just to wake every day to another watch. WIll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Carol

No, one of mine was coiled, and the 22mm stent covers that one, plus a 1/5mm one just above it (no coils in that one), but I have a 2-3mm one in a bad place on the other side. That one was my docs priority, and he tried very hard to coil but couldn’t. But risk of clipping is right now bigger than risk of watching…so I’m anxious about the 6mos follow up (and all the others that will come, providing everything stays the same and I don’t need more surgery before then). Yes, it’s really taking a psychological toll having these 2 uncoiled ones, and even the one that’s coiled worries me b/c it’s still so new and hasn’t had the 6mos check yet. I read that most coil compactions (resulting in more surgery) happen w/i the first 6mos time frame. It’s a new world. And one that I’m not happy to be in, and not comfortable to be in, and really scared to be in. I’m waiting to settle down about it all, but that’s a hope…I’m afraid I won’t get there. I’m encouraged by the people who do truly LIVE with them, not live scared with them. As much as what you’re going through surgically is terribly scary for you, I envy your outcome…complete resolution of these things. You’re in my thoughts! Stay in touch.

Wow you guys, after reading your stories now I’m a little more scared than I was. I’m now scheduled for the angiogram on the 18th, my insurance will cover it. I find it so odd that my doc simply dismisses my annie’s as if they’re really nothing… then I read about your situations and it’s so different. Is the difference perhaps that mine aren’t leaking and yours are/were? If that’s not it, then I’m really confused. I obviously have a lot more to learn about this but I feel embarassed to even think or talk about it since it’s now a done deal and I’m “fine”. Can anyone tell me if these things can be leaking and it’s not obvious on the CT angio or the MRI/brain scan? Will the angiogram show them more? Well wishes to you all. Mitch

Jennifer - you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is scary for me also - even with different “specifics.” Believe me, I am still in shock that I am even in this position at all! Please keep me posted - or if you just want to talk. I think it is hard to talk to people that have not experienced this personally. Carol

You should not be embarrassed at all - “fine” is a relative term on depends on where you are on that line. I think there is still a lot they don’t know - my neuro thinks one of them did rupture - but that was not seen on any tests - but according to him, you have to get in for the CT pretty quickly for it to be noticed (I guess the blood dissapates and the brain starts to heal quickly?). So my answer would be yes, I think they can leak - rupture no - and not be seen. In fact they opened the artery in my neck for the 1st surgery to put die in to look for bleeding - and I had by then had an MRI, MRA, and angiogram. That is the problem for us - different research, different opinions…I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how it goes! zarol