Just diagnosed

Just found out last week after a CT scan that I have 3 aneurysms. Never expected to hear anything like this. It scares me but I have learned alot from reading discussions here. Have an appointment Monday with a neurosurgeon. I guess I'll know alot more after that. Right now I'm just scared to death because of not knowing what to expect

Again Cheryl...Welcome ... Scared is a very normal feeling along this journey... infact, hard to digest it...when someone says you have 1 brain aneurysm ... let alone 3 ... Prayers are coming your way ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen! I just hope I'll feel a little better about this after seeing the neurosurgeon.

Hi Cheryl & Welcome!!

Being scared is natural. My prayers and many thoughts are with you. Write down all the questions you want to ask the neuro on Monday otherwise you will get there and more than half you will not remember. Make sure that you have something that you can put your questions on at all times, ie, pen/paper, cell phone. You will think of things you want to ask at the oddest times.

I agree with Colleen



Hi Cheryl, I'm with Colleen & kimberly it is scary, but at least they were found before one ruptures. Also, it is good advise to write every down, but I would also suggest taking someone with you. What you might forget to ask, your partner might think of. My thoughts & prayers are with you. this site was the best thing I ever found. It answered all of my questions. Take care & try to keep the faith.


Thanks for the advice Kimberley

Thanks Aggie and yes my boyfriend will be going along to my appointment.....hopefully between the two of us we will remember to ask all the right questions.

Hi Cheryl, it is a very scary situation, and BAF is the best forum for supportive people who will stand by you and give you strength throughout the entire process. I shall keep you in my prayers and I wish you all the best, please let us know how the appointment goes -hugs


Thanks alot Shauna. I think I'll need all the strength I can get to get through this. I've learned alot through this site already. Will let everyone know what's going on after my appointment Monday.......if it ever gets here, this has been the longest week of my life.