Recent surgery

At the end of October 2011, I was hospitalized due to elevated blood pressure. The ER docs wanted to make sure I had not had a minor stroke so they sentme for CT scan which came back negative. They kept me overnight for observation & in the morning I had an MRI. That’s when my Annie was found. Later that day they did a CTA which confirmed it. Two days after Christmas I had the angiogram which showed exactly where it was and how big. Due to area it was in coiling was not an option. I had my crainiotomy January 25th just 6 weeks ago. I feel so much better, no more headaches which I had for two years. My recoevery has been good. I started back to work today. I know I need to take it slow its going to take time for my brain to heal but emotionally I feel so much better. The few symptoms I do have from the surgery are really just minor inconveniences compared to what could have been had I not had the surgery done. As scarey as it is, to anyone considering whether or not to get a procedure done I would say think long and hard in favor of getting it done. I thank God and my doc everyday for letting me continue my life.

Hello and welcome, Debbie,

It is so rewarding, and comforting, to know of your success. Wishing you continued recovery

Of curisoity, with two years of headaches, had you tried to get medical care and/or diagnosis for that? I was rtreated as a menopausallly depressed woman; not tests were taken, even followiing an MVA...unfortunately I leaked/ruptured multiple times before diagnosis; and, worse with the coiling.

Thank you for sharing your information, your success; it is gratifying to know how your mds provided so well for you.

Prayers for your continued recovery.


I did have tests done during that time. My PCP sent me for CT scan and MRI and they showed nothing. Before I had my surgery I obtained copies of those scans and took those to the interventional radiologist for review to see if anything was missed. One doc I saw also said that the headaches could be premenstral headaches. So I will see what happens with those films. Thank you for your prayers. I hope that things are going well with you

Hi are early in the healing it is so good and positive that you are doing better...continue to rest and heal...Cyber~prayers your way...Colleen

Hi Debbie,

What a great testimony! Thanks be to God.


It’s been two months since my surgery. For the most part physically I
Am feeling great, emotionally I’m doing ok. The few “differences” I’ve
Noticed are rainy days-I either want to cry or I get agitated very easily.
Luckily I have worked with the same group of folks for ten plus years so
I can walk in the office & say it’s an Annie day so it’s one of my quiet
Days and if I look @ you crosseyed its unintentional lol and they
Understand. My temper is a lil quicker than it use to be but from what
I’ve read and heard this is normal after this. But all in all things are still
Going well and I’m still happy with the decision I made to have the surgery
. I go back to surgeon in April and will go over all this with him but again I’m happy,
I’m alive Life is good. thoughts and prayers for everyone who is going through
This and has gone through it.

Hi Debbie,

It's so good to hear from you and to get such a positive report. You are blessed to have a such a good work environment.

May you continue to have a great recovery! Thanks be to God.


Debbie - so good to hear that you are on the road to recovery and no headaches! I had my annie clipped, fought infection, and had a cranioplasty to repair the skull. It's been a long 10 months but I also bless everyday. I deal with the vision problems, brain quirks, and scars -- it's all worth being here with my family and friends. I say AMEN! I hope all continues to go well with you.