Questions to ask 2nd opinon dr

Hi everyone, 1st angio on 1/4/12, 6mm aneurysm extending superiorly off the ICA bifurcation on the right, questionable 2mm dilation distally beyond the M-1 bifurcation on the right. 2nd angio 1/19/12 7mm x 3.3 mm, ?? on the 2nd one, tests done at diff. places per 1st dr.s request. Appointment w/ Dr. Barrow, The Emory Clinic, Atlanta, Ga. 5/23/12 for 2nd opinon. The first Dr. is the surgeon who performed my mothers surgery 9/24/11, he only does surgery, no coiling. Your help would greatly appreciated, making a list of things to ask. I'm trying to stay strong & think positive.

Thank- you,


Hi Cynthia...

Why doesn't he do coiling?

The biggest question to your 2nd opinion Doctor is what "plan of action" does he feel is best for you...? And why does he choose one procedure over another...?

Gotcha in my Thoughts...good your appt is this week...~ Colleen

Hi Cynthia,

I agree with Colleen on question one. Question 2, which was suggested to me by my PCP, is how many of each procedure does he do a year and how many of each are done in the hospital where he would perform your treatment.

May God bless your with a competent and caring treatment team.


Great suggestions by both Colleen and Carole. I always add this one, "If I were YOUR mother, what would you do?" Make sure to take someone with you and take notes....we recorded my appointments and consultations, but told them after so they couldn't object. We were both, dear hubby and I, in too much of a fog to rely on what we heard and then try to remember. So take copious notes, or record with smartphone to help remember anything later on. Sounds devious, I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do in this situation!

Prayers and hugs coming your way for a competent surgeon and team for you. I have heard very good things on here about Dr. Barrow...Good luck!


they didn’t even have cat scans, mris or mras when I had my surgery but they did have angiograms!. :slight_smile: