Questions about swelling amd steroids

So I had my clipping done back on the 10th, so 12 days ago. Initial swelling and bruising of course. The swelling seemed to have peaked maybe days 5-7 (15th-17th) which I think is typical. Then started to go down and I was looking better come the 18th-20th. I was originally taking 3 mg of dexamethasone 3 times a day, but we stepped it down its 1st step to 2mg on Saturday night day 10 (20th), and then it BLEW UP into horrible swelling worse than my peak swelling days 5-7 and came with a nice dose of head pressure. I of course called this morning when the clinic opened and we stepped it back up to the 3mg again til Friday bit ive only had 2 original stength doses again so far and of course havent been able to notice a reversal in course this far, and I have been living on ice to try to help as much as I can. They also added me onto 2 antibiotics to be on the safe side and was advised to go in if it starts to ooze worse, signs of infection(fever, pain, redness), or if the pressure becomes unbearable or cognitively i start to slip. All well and good, but I am wondering from anyone elses experience if this happened when they tried to taper down in the steroids, any experiences in how long it takes steroids to repeak and turn things around etc. Just general swelling experiences similar would be helpful to hear.

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Well I have an update. Finally went to get checked over last night since the swelling has been getting worse instead of better. They did a CT scan and I have developed a pseudomeningocele. I have sprung a spinal fluid leak somewhere🙄 Good news is its diverting through my skull and filling up the superfical area of my skull…my brain is doing fine swelling wise etc. Of course this means more imaging and another possible surgery if it doesn’t repair itself with conservative management, but thats a problem for another day. Side note…my wbc is up at 32.2. Not a great marker for sure but clinically my condition suggests an exaggerated response to trauma/steroid medication over an actual complication/infection. So we are just gonna keep an eye on it and I did already start cephalexin and doxycycline Monday so we do have some prophylactic cross coverage.

I have a collection of CSF in my lower spine…they don’t know if it’s from the lumbar surgery or the rupture…it is just always there. I’m glad to read you’re in top of your health needs, keep it up!