Questions about Clopidogrel - generic Plavix

I had a coiling and stent on a very large aneurysm end of Spring- was prescribed Clopidogrel 75 mg to start taking the week before the operation. along with aspirin 325 mg. - The support group is not meeting because of the Covid quarantine, so I’d thought I’d check on here. The whole process has been very emotional and scary for me .I deeply resent that I can’t go to an in person support group. As a general rule, I don’t trust doctors, medical professionals or anyone in authority for that matter! In this situation, I had no choice. While the entire team is a bunch of great folks, I sincerely wish to never see them again. However, the angiogram is scheduled in the winter to check on the coiling/stent progress.

Sometimes I have trickling feelings in my head, under my skull. It doesn’t hurt but I wondered if anyone else has that? The nurse in the ICU said it would take some time for my brain to adjust to not having the aneurysm.

Has anyone had experience with Clopidogrel changing their sense of taste? I used to love olives and now am repelled by them. I bought a jar of green olives and thought something was wrong- the brine was revolting. Thought I got a bad batch, got another brand and same thing. I think it’s the effects of the prescription, not the olives. Anyone have this?
I get extremely exhausted. If I am walking on the street, sometimes I have to just stop and wait a minute.
I feel like the drug is coming out of my pores and
my sweat is absolutely disgustingly rancid. The pills themselves smell like turpentine . Am I imagining the stench?
I go through cycles of being horribly constipated. I looked up the side effects and that’s one of them.
I’m getting an attitude about people not acknowledging that I’ve had a serious procedure, thinking I’m all fine and dandy.

I got a nifty medical bracelet that looks like a regular beaded bracelet with a medical tag just in case. It has come in handy. They’re not letting people use bathrooms because of Covid. When I’ve shown my bracelet to the manager and explained that the prescription makes me urinate frequently, they let me use the facilities.

Hi May,
I also had my aneurysm coiled (with a stent) just over 2 weeks ago. I’m also on Clopidogrel and aspirin starting 2 weeks before surgery. I take Colace to prevent constipation. Hope your fatigue improves. I’ve heard others say it takes 6 months to fully recover.

Good Morning May! Many meds can give us body odor, some we smell strongly, but others don’t, while some meds others can smell as well. The changes in taste could be from the repair. It’s interesting that you don’t care for olives any longer, after I ruptured I took a liking to Greek olives, I never liked any kind before…aren’t we a pair! Drink water to help flush out your system,

Constipation is an issue for coils, call your team or use the patient portal and ask what they recommend. Staying hydrated will help with the constipation. My GI put me on a probiotic and suggested a very mild otc laxative when I need them. Do not push when your trying to have a bowel movement. You may have to increase your fiber to help move things along, ease up on cheese and other dairy for a little while to see if it helps. Increase your leafy greens. And eat protein to help your brain heal. I will look later and see what otc med they suggested, I’ve got to get some things done for the guys coming to the house in about an hour, sorry.

Easily exhausted is the norm for a good long bit, rest when you need to and don’t over do things.

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thanks for your reply. the constipation goes in cycles.

I don’ t think it’s my imagination that the Clopidogrel is coming through my pores. I want to know if other people besides me can smell it, my dirty clothes smell absolutely rancid.

I don’t think it’s your imagination at all May2020. We often smell the changes in our body odor before others. I notice the changes in me before others. Perhaps if you live with someone, you can ask them for an honest answer. Or ask your BF.

I haven’t forgotten to tell you which laxative the GI put me on. I have two in my med cabinet and can’t remember which one. It wasn’t in my emails, so I emailed her and will have to wait until next week if they haven’t put her on furlough.

Some things to share: Get some Phillips Milk of Magnesia CAPLETS (NOT liquid - gag lol). They help a ton and are really gentle.

If you can, switch to name brand Plavix and see how that goes. Another option is try another pharmacy for the generic - they all cut their generic with something different. I had that issue myself but with other symptoms. Changing places made the difference and so did name brand.

I wanted to say that my sense of taste changed before my annie was treated, but not smell. However it could still be related to the annie and not the meds. It’d be hard to know for sure until you stop the meds or at least change them. I feel for you, I understand the madness! And I understand fully having no faith in the doctors and them not being sympathetic to our plights.

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So I did send a message to my GI. This is what she said…1-3 capfuls of Miralax in 8 ounces of water daily. You should have bowel movements every day or every other day. If that doesn’t work, take 2 senna at night. I recall in our original conversation she had warned that some otc’s can be very harsh. I have complete faith in my GI team at Wake. I met them last year when my local radiologist thought I had cancer. They did a slew of tests. Without them, I would have never found out that I have a connective tissue disorder. The GI suggested I say something to the dermatologist which led to his taking a biopsy.