Question regarding coiling

I had coiling done Dec. 17, 2011 on an aneurysm that was 11mm. I am new to this site and have new concerns after reading some prior posts/comments.

Even though my aneurysm has been coiled, is it still considered unruptured and is there still a possibility of it rupturing?

Have any of you had an aneurysm rupture after having the coiling?

I am only 3 months post surgery where I also had a stroke while in post-op/recovery and I still have moments where I am fearful of going through all of this again. Any words of encouragement?

Thanks so much for being here. I am so glad I now have a place to come and express my feelings and ask questions.

Hi Gwen. I don’t know the answer to your question but wanted to tell you that after my rupture my biggest worry was if it could happen again. I think it is a common concern for all of us. Welcome and I am glad to hear your recovery is going so well.

hi Gwen- i wascoiled 6-09 & they had to add more in2010 which they said was normal -so far so good,i have no headaches or vertigo,mine ruptered i assume yours did? The fear seems to be less now,oh that reminds me a therapist told me to never put my head lower than my heart-she said the doc's told you that right? i said no i don;t recall.Has anyone else been told this-it makes sense to me so i don;t do it,well once i did by lying on the bed and trying to look under it,then i recalled her lecture- then had a small panic & took a time out!good luck & may God Bless u &yours

Thanks, Jim, for reassuring me. It sure does help to be in communication with others who have had similar procedures.

Thanks so much, Shelly!

Thanks, Ronald! I was told not to put my head lower than my heart, but I assumed it was only during my initial recovery. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a forever thing. I have an angiogram in June and will ask my doctor. My aneurysm had not ruptured. From the spinal tap done in the ER, there were specks of blood, which they said could be some leakage from the aneurysm or it may have just been from the procedure.

Hi Gwen, I also cannot answer your question I was coilded in February 2011 and I have what they call a residual part of the aneurysm, whether tis will mean further treatment I don't know but I also have a second aneurysm which I am hoping they will deal with in May, I just wanted to say welcome, this really is a great site and everyone here will be praying for your continued recovery, Jill xx

Hi Gwen,

My wife had a SAH last august and had her aneurysm coiled. She has just had her first follow up angiogram one and half weeks ago and we were back at the hospital monday just gone and the results were pretty good. She like you was very nervous we were given a book on Subarachnoid haemorrhage and reading up on coiling it says that one in five people will need follow up treatment ,looking at it the other way round four out of five don't not bad odds really, also trail involving 2,143 patients the trail showed that the long term risks of further bleeding are low for both coiling and clipping, and the results positively suppported coiling as a treatment for ruptured aneurysms. She still has one other untreated aneurysm which they are not going to coil as it is to small, i think providing you don't smoke because that definately is a big no no, and you keep regular checks on your blood pressure and cholesetrol you are less likely to have any problems and have a normal life expectancy.

Best Wishes John & Sue

Hi Gwen...I was coiled November of 2010...I go this June for another angiogram to check my coils...I am under the impression from my Doctors that once coiled, the aneurysm can no longer rupture...I do know during this time healing, I have many questions for my surgeons...~ and glad you are part of the group too...~ Cyber~thoughts your way...~ Colleen

hi Gwen-now u got me curious-was that a dr who told u to never put your head lower than your heart?the person that told me was a physical therapist(occ.i think)at any rate i will ask mypcp n a few weeks-good luck,God bless & best wishes-ron

It was the neurologist who discharged me from the hospital.

thanks Gwen-i wont do that again but can't imagine why i would unless i'm trying to look under the bed again!-ron

hi jim-how do u put your head below your heart? i could not unless i was lying on the bed trying to look under it-not goin there no more since Gwen's nuero doesn't recommend this-not sure if u saw this so i thought i'd reply to you & maybe u would