Question re: complication from angiogram

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I had a follow up angiogram on an unruptured aneurynsm that had been coiled and stented 1 1/2 years ago. I am thrilled that I had good news! Now however the wound does not seem to be healing. It continues to ooze and each morning when I remove the bandaid there's a drop of pus on it. I happened to have had a check up with my GP 3 days after the procedure and he looked at it and he said it looked ok but after a week it was still oozing. I spoke with nurse associated with my neurointerventionsist and she said it should of healed by now. She suggested I put bacitracin on it daily when I change the bandaid which I have been doing for 3 days now but it still seems to be oozing. She said it was probably a surface infection and to call her in a week. I have had two other angiograms and it never took this long to heal. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Thanks

Joanne medical attention now...go to ER or demand to be seen by a Doctor...they and/or nurse cannot determine by phone...

ie., I had a lymphnode removed under my arm some years ago...and something felt wrong after 1 week of healing, Surgeon said he didn't see anything...I told him it was inside burning...he passed me up as a complainer...NOT...~ two day went by more pain more swelling and all of us sudden, I felt something wet...I looked under my arm and it was oozing pus and blood...went to ER...and was found that Doctor gave me staph infection...~ so don't wait...if it looks like an infection, see Medical attention...~

Now keep us posted ~ Cyber ~ thoughts your way ~ Colleen

hi Joanne-if i recall correctly mine was healed by10 days.I had an angioseal-like a clear piece of tape & after 2 days u ripped it off in the shower when a small pea sized blob had formed,then some oozing on the dressing for a couple of days,i was scared it would start bleeding again since I'm on coumadin.Once again i worried for nothing,but maybe your dr should take another look,i would at least call his nurse if your still concerned,i know how u feel though the small pea sized blob freaked me out-looked more like a golf ball sized!!-the mind seems to exagerate,after my last lab work i was standing at home when i felt cold water running down my arm-they didnt bandage well enough and i was bleeding like a stuck pig!!!gross.At the next lab draw i mentioned it & she used the small butterfly needle but didn't seem concerned.It's good that your writing in with questions and glad your angiogram was ok-ron