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Question about Plavix, pre-surgery

I had a routine checkup with my Cardiologist today and told him about the aneurysms and the procedure scheduled for the 20th. He seemed concerned for a moment that I was on Plavix and aspirin but ultimately deferred to the surgeons decision to have me on it. I understand the idea is to pre-medicate to avoid clots. But was the cardio right to be concerned?

Also, on another note, my angiogram was over a month ago and I swear my head hasn’t been “right” since. Weird, fleeting headaches… ears ringing… is that common? Bearing in mind I had zero symptoms before…

I was on Plavix and aspirin prior to the coiling/stent procedure which I had in Dec. 2018. I am still on both blood thinners until the neuro team says I can go off them. In this situation, the neuro team has the final word. I had no new symptoms after the angiogram. Hoping for excellent results when you have the procedure done. Keep in touch. Ida

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I had been on the low dose aspirin regiment for years before rupture. I take no blood thinners of any type per Neurosurgeon. I even have to limit myself to taking any NSAID to once or twice a week. But I tell my cardiologist that the Neurosurgeon trumps the Cardiologist. I am not allowed to take any blood thinner (NSAID) before any angiogram. I thinks it’s like 7 - 10 days but it could only be a couple, don’t really remember. If I get a headache that the rules don’t handle I’m sol.

Best thing is to ask your surgeon, it’s their experience and your history they’re basing your procedure on.

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