Question about numbness

has anyone had numbness in their left middle finger?..yes the bird…lol…justhad this start happening recently…maybe too much road rage…lol…but seriously…im going to dr 2mrrow but wanted to get other opinions…thanks…n love u guys

Hi Michelle, I just don't have numbness in my middle finger but the middle finger, ring finger & pinky. I just figured it was with the problem in my whole arm. Gotta tell someone I did drive yesterday. First time in 8 mos. It went alright I guess, but avoided the busy streets & drove really slow. I did notice some problems tho, that I will have to address before I drive all the time. I just got tired of having to depend on everyone, so decided to go for a ride. My family wasn't to happy with me, but I was having a good day. Today isn't. Take care & drive careful.


thank u sweety…has it been 8 mo since u had ur anny? i had mine back n oct 09…it will get better as time goes on…this is a small thing n my usually pretty normal life…

Hey Michelle,

Do you have any problems with your neck? I have a problem sometime with numbness in my fingers which the doctor says is due to disks that are pushing against nerves in my neck.

Hope you get an answer. Prayers and thoughts are with you


Hi Michelle…nope I don’t have a problem with my middle finger and numbness…wish I could help you out…but glad you are seeing a Doctor…keep us posted…Colleen

right hand , middle finger ,,, finger tip and pad feel hot!!!!! not numb , Hot ! as if I am touching a hot pot!

pcp did xrays ....hes sendn me over to orthopedic dr...xrays showed nuthin...

hey kimberly...i have neck stuff every now n then but nuthin consistant...and is usually due to being on the computer too long