Tingling finger

I have a question for anyone who may know the answer. About a week ago my the tip of my left pinky finger started tingling (kind of the feeling like when your hand or foot falls asleep). Everything else is fine and i do have fealing in the finger. I'm a little nervouse about going to see my neurologist because I don't want to go thru anymore test.
Has this ever happened to anyone?

Hi Mike during a complex migraine that led to MRI mra I too. Had 3 tingling fingers. Doc said it wasn’t related to Annie finding. Good luck

Mike, there could be a lot of reasons, some that come to mind - nerves healing themselves from a deep cut (blind date in college - don’t ask lol), carpal tunnel, laying on your hand wrong while sleeping, neck stiffness, CSF and blood build up, the list can go on and on…for things other then signs of another rupture, I usually wait three days to a week, if it doesn’t resolve itself, then I call the doctor. Usually I just start with my family doctor, unless it’s the big three signs, then I call the neurosurgeon’s office. Good luck and let us know what happens!

Hey Mike,

I too get the tingles. Sometimes its just my toes on one foot other times it's the whole foot. Other times its my fingers or even my whole hand. I have brought this to the attention of the neuro's previously, with one saying "Ohhh it's nothing we have done...." rather defensively. Another telling me that it a circulation problem and not to worry about it. So I tend to take the 2nd opinion now and ignore it, it's easier that way lol. For me, if I have a progression of symptoms ie tingling hand to one whole side tingling and then a headache. I act.


When I woke up from having my PED placed, my right hand and fingers were numb. About 6 weeks later, my left hand started. The right hand is now better than the left, but still feels like it's asleep. I kept mentioning this to my doctors, therapists, etc. for the next 4 months. Finally, one of my doctor's ordered an EMG (I know, another test!) and I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel in my left hand, but ironically not my right--which is more dominant. I don't know if somehow the surgery exacerbated the condition, or it was just coincidental. Regardless, I'm glad something was found and now I can have it treated. Unfortunately, mine is past the point of splints and injections, as I am now seeking out a surgeon to perform carpal tunnel release surgery. Then I'll have hand therapy after.