I had my angiogram results faxed to the clinic where I work and it said I have 2 annies.The MD only mentioned one (right internal carotid artery terminus 7-mm aneurysm with a 3.3-mm wide neck) behind my right eye.He didn't tell me about the other one, on the supraclinoid carotid extending inferiorly, a small wide necked aneurysm 1.75-mm in depth and 3-mm in width.I'm scheduled for clipping in 6 days.Why didn't he mention this "other" one.Should I call him or wait till day of surgery.Help please!!!

He probably didn't mention it because it is very small and could be monitored. I have a 3.5mm annie on my left carotid artery and it is being monitored. I think you should ask the doctor about the annie when you see him on the day of your surgery. Good luck with your surgery!

I'd call him beforehand, just so you are at ease before your procedure and with your surgeon. There's nothing worse than unneeded stress. It just gives you more to worry about. Call him and you'll feel better. Though realize you may not reach him, and may need to discuss this through his PA.

Hi Joanna...I would call and ask about it...~ keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

yes please call- i'm reluctant caller too- i just called nueros today after procrastinating for days- after powwow wondered why did i wait? -they were really nice & helpful, just talking to her i felt relieved~!!

Hi JoAnna,

Please call your doctors. I have multiple aneurysms and the doctors generally focus on the larger one (5mm) rather on all three. The others are 2mm.

May God be with you durinf your surgery and may you have a quick and complete recovery.

Take care.


Thanks Eula will do!!!

I think Eula is right,it's so small,he's probably going to just monitor it.

Hi JoAnna

I thought I had one annie that was 8mm, same place as yours , behind right eye. when they went in to clip it turned out I had twins one behind the other, both 8mm

I am 5 weeks post surgery and doing ok

Hope all goes well for you

Chris xx

Thanks Chris,wow double annies!!! Glad you are doing ok.

Nurse just called and confirmed he has done MANY clippings!!!!

Hi JoAnna,

Prayers to you. My surgeon found a second ani after he went in and fixed it then. It was small is all I know but in the same area as my 7.5mm. Asking about it may ease your mind but I would do it before hand, if you really need to know. He may give you the option of fixing that one also then. My small ani was glued (?) and gauzed, not clipped like the bigger one. Best wishes to you. Keep us posted. Jeanne

Joanna , when they did your clippings did they have to do a craniotomy?? When mine ruptured , they try to stent it , but re ruptured in ICU where they had to run me back into surgery and take the right side of my skull … And they has to do to aneurysm clippings, closed my Skull with four screws and a plate … How do they do your clippings???
God bless you
Julie Sammarco

JoAnna, call them. Right now don't let anything stress you. Stress is the worst thing for us with aneursyms. Good luck!!!