Quck question

for those of us who had a craniotomy and the muscle broke does that side give you any trouble? I ask because mine been feeling odd and its either healed or from the cold weather. ANY THOUGHTS?? aND DO YOU FEEL THAT PLATE ON THAT SIDE OF YOUR HEAD??

I feel everything!!! When I am out in the windy cold it feels a bit odd on one side of my face and head..I think it might be a normal thing for awhile..Not sure though my medical degree has not come in the mail yet..LOL

I have one screw that sticks up a bit too far and also tends to for some reason feel really weird when I am out in the cold, I have to wonder if since the skin on the top of the screw is white if it means that there is no blood flow and maybe that is why it feels the way it does in the cold..I wish I could answer the question but in reading what I just wrote I was no help at all..lol

Many hugs your way!!!!


I'm feeling what your feeling. Never wore hats before, do now. Lots and lots of crazy hats : ) The side of my head with the plate is also indented mis shaped . I now also wear bangs so I don't see it .



aw thank you

I sleep with a woolen hat, lol. It just might be the metal in there, oh it drives me bonkers cause at times it feels like my face is being pulled to one side.Yea i have a dent also and my hair covers it if you look to the left of my pic youll see it.

Oh Laurie, the pulling ,oh my goodness. Don't you feel like sometimes you been given a face lift on that side of your head with the tight feeling ??

thats funny cause i always said i wonder if this is how face lift people feel, lol. BUT WE CAN FEEL OUR FACE,LOL.

I can feel my face on that side now, but for the longest time it felt numb, still feels tender if I stick a clip in my hair to keep it from falling in my face . This kills me , I used to have fairly short hair , but now its past my shoulders. I can't stand the thought of a hairdresser constantly combing and pulling my hair to cut it . I haven't had my hair this long in decades . I still startle myself when I catch a peek in the mirror . Who knows , I tell my husband I 'm going to be the new old rapunzle .


when you get your degree send me a copy, lol.