I was told today that I have post traumatic stress disorder and i have heard of it but not all that familiar with it. I have really bad anxiety I always have, but with aneurysms and bills I stay so stressed, I know im depressed but I cant just overnight get rid of all my problems. I dont worry that much about my aneurysm cause its been coiled its this darn anxiety it consumes me I feel like I can't function properly at work, I need to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Most days I feel so overwhelmed that I just dont do anything so alot of stuff doesnt get done. I am a single parent so I dont have anyone helping me, and the best theropy that ive had is someone understanding what im going thru and tell me that its going to be ok cause sometimes I cant really see a way out. The dr. prescribed lexapro and I am supposed to start it today and I asked if I would be able to come off it when things get better and she said maybe but sometimes people have to stay on them. I dont need to add anymore meds im on enough now. I have to start somewhere and battle these problems one by one. I do have good days and sometimes im even in a good mood all day but the dr telling me I have PTSD just made things worse for me now my anxiety is worse that ever. I have 2 - 13 year olds and I have to make it thru this for them Im all they have they lost their dad when they were 2. I guess I need some reasurrance and encourging words right now to help me thru this. Thanks Laurie

Hi Laurie...The Lexapro will take about 14 days to work...and even though you don't want to take another med...if it helps you with your anxiety ... it will be worth it... sometimes talk therapy can help too... it helps to put those anxiety's in the right places... but above all, having PTSD is a natural part of having an does get better with time and work... someone here at this site...started writing down everyday what they are grateful for...I started doing it ... and believe it or has helped me so much...and most of all, it has helped my anxiety... just a thought...

Try and Take things "one day at a time..." and write here often ... it will really help...

Sending out some Good Thoughts and Prayers...Colleen

hi laurie,

sorry to hear your having such a hard time..ive had issues w/taking lexipro before the anny incident..but now dont take it at all..have heard good things about cymbalta and cylexa..both are anti-depressants..excercise does wonders even when u dont feel like getn outta bed,,go for a walk...i take ativan for the anxiety,,that started after anny but has really decreased with time..the safer you feel the less anxiety you have,,or at least in my case it seems to be..your gonna be fine..i know it feels like u have the weight of the world on ur shoulders but it will get better..God bless


I am so sorry your 13 year olds lost their father; and, of course, for you, too. Do you have family, in-laws, close friends who may be able to give you help/guidance?

As for the med; ask your md about alternatives; i.e. therapy... may want to include your children who likely went thru a lot of trauma over your condition. You are blessed to be able to return to work; so hope you do not get too exhausted.

Prayers for you and your children...