I am having the Pipeline Stent inserted May 15th and i am scared to death, but want it treated at the same time!

Thank you for the reply. This new stent has had very successful reviews. It is new , but it's my only option as far as treatments go. I cannot have coiling. The neck of mine is to wide. I have has numerous angiograms and a trial balloon occlusion performed to see if occlusion of the parent artery would be an option if it does ruptured. it has not changed in size for 4 years now, but it's bound too eventually.

I hope your visit goes well tomorrow!


Kelly, I was also very nervous but I am glad I had it done. I had a PED placed one week ago today in my R ICA. The procedure went smooth and I was out of the hospital the next day. My only advice to you is allow yourself to rest. I feel so good I almost forget I had something done until I over exert myself and I get a headache as a reminder. I know things will go great, sending positive thoughts your way.

It’s nice to hear from people who know how it feels. Living with this and trying to feel normal has been hard. I have had panic attacks also since it was found. I push the concern of it away, but it never goes completely away. I really hope this procedure ends this. I am very hopeful and trying to get over the fear if the surgery, and think about the positives that will come afterward. People always look at me as if I’m the walking dead when I tell them what’s wrong with me. Haha. Most people are dead from these when they are discovered. I’m thankful mine was found, so it can be treated. Thank you all very much! I wish I would have found this site 5 years ago, maybe I would not have felt so alone in this fight.


Hang in there Kelly! I know exactly what you mean by the anxiety. Some days I am consumed by it and others I forget I even have the aneurysm. I'm having coiling done May 15 and very nervous. I long for my life back pre aneurysm! Be well!


Hello! You've made my day today! It's so helpful to hear of someone who has recently been thru this. How true about the fear of surgery, I felt the same way with the angiogram and it went well, except for a hemotoma post angio. What scares me a bit today is seeing how the wall of the annie has weakened and that's why they put me in for surgery on tuesday. thank goodness for the "gift" of finding it. It sure changes ones perspective on life, etc. I will keep you posted on my progress. Best, Judie

I start my plavix and aspirin regime today. Nervous about the bloodthinner!

I go in at first light tomorrow for PED surgery. All of the support from all if you has been a Godsend for me. I’m nervous, but starting to be a little more at peace tonight. I will update all of you when I am home. Take care and talk to you all soon!