Pipeline Stent

I have been a neverous wreck for the past month. Having cancer surgry done on the 25th of May and going to Duke Medical Cntr. for the pipeline stent on June 5th. Wife is a lot of support but that doesn't take my mind off it.

Hi Jerry! Welcome to our special group. Where is your anuerysm located?


In the circle of willis on both sides. ( corided syphon ) the one on the right is large as my eyeball.

I just had PED surgery on Tuesday. I know how anxious and nerve racking it all is. My surgery went very well. What are your biggest concerns?

Will my headaches leave and what type of meds will I be on I have heard so many types.

Where you nervous and jittry before?

Its 9:00 pm here in Sothport, nc and my head is hrting taking meds and going to bed talk tomorrow folks. NIce chatting

I had to start on plavix and aspirin 5 days prior to surgery. After the surgery they may put you in steroids. They have proven to make me sick, so they stopped them. You will probably be on a bloodthinner and aspirin for a few months after. They will help the blood to not clot around the stent. I have had a dull headache since my procedure, ny that appears to be common.I was extremely nervous and scared.his site helped me a lot. There is a lot of support from people who know exactly how you feel. I came home the day after the surgery. My Annie is already occluded I found out today. I do feel tired and fuzzy. I have never been put to sleep, I think its the effects if the anesthesia. I am very glad I went through with it!


How are you holding up??

Hi Jerry....sending prayers and good thoughts that you are holding up well with the date getting closer!!! Mine was a bad rupture with coiling and I will have my 6 month follow up on the 18th so I am getting jittery too!!! Just want it done and want to know all is well!!!

June 7 for pipeline for me. i have had mine for 11 years. thank God for ped. it is my only option.