Pregnancy 18 years after brain aneurysm

I had a brain aneurysm that was clipped back in 1999…I was 19 years old then, and only in the hospital for about a week. I was given the all clear to go and live an happy, full life. Which I have.
Fast forward to now, 2/2017 and I am 37 years old and 22 weeks pregnant with my first! We’re very happy, however the doctors are giving me major grief about going for more testing to make sure I can actually deliver vs c-section.
After weeks of telling the doctor office to get my file from my neurologists office, they finally did. My neurologist has since retired, long time ago actually. Now my OB doc want me to see another neurosurgeon/neurologist because she’s not satisfied with the report from the original neuro doc, and since mine has retired long time ago.

I’ve already seen a maternal fetal specialist. She wanted to send me for an MRI! (I can’t have them, metal clip, that’s NOT titanium!) I explained to her that I can’t have them, she asked what would happen and i just looked at her, and said “I’ll die!” She looked confused, and the realized that it was the clip…duh lady! I just told you that!

I am high risk due to my age, bp (which had NOTHING to do w/ the aneurysm, diagnosed many, many years after aneurysm) and weight, (6ft tall, about 285).

How much/many testing/specialists are too many? I’ve told my OB that my neuro doc gave me the all clear 18 years ago. The files are not enough to convince them that I can labor. I’m not sure what else I can do, just go through all tests and let them suck me dry financially? I’ve got insurance, but its not great. The docs don’t seem to understand (or to care) its a lot of mileage and time off work to come see them almost every other week! Thoughts?

What do you think? I ask because I did what my heart told me to do. I did not rush into surgery, because I felt strongly that I needed to deal with a another medical condition, which handicapped me. The delay took a year, which I feel was the best choice for me.

My 2cents is that you might want to look at statistics for vaginal vs. caesarean births in your age group. If you see the latter is fairly common, you might want to follow that lead. It takes the guess out of the equation.

Try not to get yourself too stressed over this. You are blessed and you do not want unnecessary anguish to harm your serenity.

I hope someone who is better informed answers. I answered , because I wanted you to know someone is listening.


Thank-you Campanile! :slight_smile: That’s kind of what I had been thinking…I want to see what the neurologist says…it just feels like they’re really putting me through the ringer, and trying to suck my finances dry! Thanks for the support! I will do my best to try to not get too stressed over this! :wink:

Congratulations!! I had my first and only child at age 35. She was supposed to come into the world after I turned 36, but due to complications, she was 2 months early. I had not had my brain aneurysm, but I did have an aneurysm in my jugular vein in my neck that had been cut out prior to that. I was injured at work and only learned the real extent of the injury several weeks afterward when I had to be hospitalized because my placenta was torn. I was in the hospital for almost a month before she was born via emergency c-section. I had gone into labor numerous times due to the hemorrhaging, but they had been able to control it until the day she was born.

I suspect that your doctor is trying to understand if you or your baby is at risk and that they are going a little overboard. I was not told that I could not have a normal delivery - I suspected it, but the doctor would never say for sure. I did not have the same OB after the hemorrhage that had me care-flighted to a major neo-natal hospital - I was under the care of a high-risk OB. I also had high BP, but it was controlled and I did not have complications from it. It sounds as if you are going to have to take your doctor to task - in other words, tell her (or him) that you cannot afford all the extras and you don’t think you need to see all the specialists. Do you have a BP machine to take it at home? I had to get one when my BP was crazy from cancer treatment years ago, but it really comes in handy and might make your doctor feel better. Best of luck - having a child is a such a magical time, I am sorry you are going through so much now.

Congratulations!! You are not alone; there are two women who have published books about their aneurysms and have gone on to have children. One book is called Rebooting My Brain and the other is called Stir. Both authors didn’t write about the pregnancy because it hadn’t happened yet; but I know they both went on to become mothers.

Can your neurologist recommend an OB who is familiar with aneurysms?

I don’t mean to scare you or change your mind from a natural birth, but I will tell you my story. I developed pre-eclampsia and it escalated to HELLP Syndrome. My only daughter was born (pre-aneurysm) and I’m so lucky she is here. When they were prepping me for my C-section, I felt like a complete failure. That was not my plan. Fast forward eleven years…I’m so GRATEFUL for that C-section. Without it, she may not have survived and I certainly wouldn’t be here. You may proceed with a natural birth plan, but don’t get so stuck on it that you lose sight of the bigger picture. If I could get pregnant again, I would most certainly have a C-section with my now-clipped aneurysm. I’m not a risk taker anymore, but my rupture was only 3.5 years ago…if I were as far out as you I may not be so wigged out by it.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! So far, things have finally calmed down…I’m just starting my second week in my third trimester…They have eliminated a few of the doctor appointments, and they finally got my records from my neurologist (after me telling them for well over a month to get them!). I still have an appointment with a neurologist (different than the one who did my clipping, as my guy retired long ago). But I’m okay with that. If the neurologist doesn’t give me the “all ahead go” signal, I’ll be happy to have a c-section. But until then, I’d like the doctors to treat me with some respect, like I’m an actual person, and start listening to me!..I guess I just felt like I wasn’t being treated like a person, just a fragile case vs a fragile person. (I’m anything but! LOL). But like I said, things have finally calmed down, and i feel like the doctors are finally taking what i say into consideration.
Sarge: There isn’t an OB who is familiar with aneurysms in my area…that’s what i was originally hoping for. Wow, How scary that you had to go through pre-eclampsia & HELLP!!! I’m glad that things now seemed to have turned out well for you! I can remember when my aneurysm was still relatively “fresh” in my mind, I was so freaked out by any little bump to my head, or little headache! But after a while, you just get used to it, and you won’t even think about it anymore! Promise!

Hi Sherri! Thanks for commenting! Wow, how scary to go though all that! Yikes! I hope things are much better now!
Yes, I’ve been taking my BP at home, and its been great! (120/85-ish) I had a heart to heart with my doc, and they finally eased off, especially after now, starting my 3rd trimester w/o any major issues (knock on wood!). And they finally got the results from the neuro’s office. That was a whole other fiasco! But that now taken care of, and the doctors seem much more relaxed!!! I still have my neuro appointment but that’s ok, if needed i’ll be the first in line for a c-section, but until then they could stop nickeling/diming me!
So far, like i said, things have calmed down! :slight_smile: Here’s hoping for a great rest of my last trimester! Thanks for responding!

So glad that your doctor has backed off and that you are monitoring your BP at home. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and keep us informed - this is such a wonderful time and I’m glad that you can catch your breath now. The first one is always special (and worrisome). I had wanted my daughter to be born vaginally, but I didn’t think anything else when I had the emergency C-section - my only concern was that she and I were well.

When my daughter was in the Nicu, there was a baby that came in that was born to a heavy woman. This baby was very healthy, but he was huge (13 lbs) so they put him in icu to make sure he didn’t have Diabetes (he didn’t). The nurses and I nicknamed him Boomer because he cried like a 6 month old. The mother actually gave birth to him vaginally!! Ouch!

Looking forward to hearing about the babe after it’s born!

So sorry i never got back to you! Baby and I are fine, my BP is great, fine, no worries, and my son is now 2 & healthy and happy! He was born 7.5 lbs. Thanks so much for caring and getting back to me! Good luck in the future!

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That’s great news for you and us!

I was reading your story.Iam so happy your baby was fine and all went well for you too.When he gets old enough you can tell him how very special he is to you.Happy to hear a good news.

Hi , I think it might be more safe to go with c- section in any way . We’re you actually able to do any scans of your former aneurysm since your surgery ( I am not sure what they do then , CT? )

Congrats on your baby delighted every thing went well. I had two coiled aneurysm both had to be open head surgery. I had complications with the aneurysm on my left side of my brain, I lost my speech completely and had symptoms of a stroke, it was a long road to recovery but thank god i am great now.
Now my hubby and I what to start a family, but very nervous due to my two brain aneurysms. Can someone please advise did you have to have a C section, can you get an epidural ?

All advice welcome… my anxiety is through the roof with worry.


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Capri-I had a natural birth, no epidural, but did have an analgesic. I had to be induced the night before, but this was due to my doc being freaked out. I was induced twice, with a vaginal pill. Then i was in hard labor for about 3 hours. No BP issues, and no brain issues. I believe i could have gotten an epidural if i had wanted, however i was told if i had an epidural, then I couldn’t get up and move. I wanted to move. So i didn’t have one. I hope this helps…remember to get a doctor who will work with you, and NOT stress you out. If the doctor stresses you out, time to find a new one. I discovered this too late. Most of my stress was due to the doctors. But alas, I am now done with it all, and happy and healthy. Hope this helps! I’m so glad you eventually came through everything okay! You might get forced to have a c-section. It will depend upon lots of things. including what the policies of your physician’s office or hospital are. Blessings!


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Thank you so much pumpkin, for sharing your experience with me. You are the first lady i have been in contact with that has had a baby after an Annie so to hear your experience is invaluable & makes me feel like i have support!!!

I think for peace of mind especially with two Annie’s, i would feel safer have a c section… but as you said it will be based on lots of things like High Blood… etc

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Pumpkin, is there other ladies in the group that have a babies after Annie’s. Could you point me in their direction???

Hi Sarge,

I am new two this group, i have just read your story. I have two coiled Annie’s and myself and my hubby are planning on starting a family this year.

I love hearing about people stories with pregnancy before and after Annie’s.

I think for peace of mind i would opt for a C - section, I know my neurologist and ob will be in contact when the time comes.

I’m so sorry, i have no idea…:frowning: I believe we are few and far between!

Thanks Pumpkin this is very true!! You are the only other lady that i know of that had a baby after Annies. Did you have to visit your neurologist while pregnant ?

Well, I had to visit “a” neurologist. Mine had alreayd retired like 6 years before. He’s a nice guy. But he looked right at me and was like, “Why are you here?!” He laughed when i told him the whole thing. He set me up with a scan, just in case, and no issues. I went back for the scan reading, and he said no worries, that i was a-okay.