Pregnancy 18 years after brain aneurysm

@Capri and @pumpkin,
I’m so glad you’ve found each other for reassuring conversation. It feels so good, doesn’t it, to talk to someone who can really relate.

Discussing here, on the open forum is something that benefits more people than you realize: no doubt there are others reading what you say, who find your discussion reassuring and enlightening as well. I’ll thank you on behalf of those silent observers.

If you ever want to private message, that is very easily done here: simply click on the person’s avatar (wherever it appears) and then on “Message”.

Seenie from ModSupport

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Hello everyone.

I am a new user however I have never suffered a brain aneurysm. I am currently in training for becoming a Ben’s friends intern and I was looking through forums in order to get a better understanding of the community that exists on this platform.

As the mod above said, it’s really good to see people who have found each other and who are able to discuss their experiences. After I finish my training, I hope that I can help people find each other as Capri and Pumpkin have.

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Welcome to the worlds of Ben’s Friends Aldrin! BF has done an amazing job here on this site over the years. The members are excellent at providing support as well as sharing personal experience, you will learn a lot. Looking forward to seeing you share your support as well!

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Thanks pumpkin, was it a CT scan?

Hi, you are very welcome & after your training is complete i would be so happy for you to connect me with other ladies who have had babies after Annie’s

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Hi @Capri and @Moltroub , thank you so much for the kind words. I will definitely make sure stop by and check in with everyone once my training is complete.

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