Need prayers

Kimberly is going in for her clipping on Wednesday.. Please, all the prayers we can get..

Thanks you guys... you all rock...


Hugs and prayers to Kimberly for her clipping...

Kimberley has all my prayers … and thoughts… Wish I could just give her a big hug…! Colleen

Will be praying!

Prayers for Kimberley!

Thanks you guys…

She’s in my prayers - soon you will be so relieved!!!

She must be a wreck right now… It’s hard to believe 10 weeks ago tonight it was me getting ready for surgery… I’m kinda re living the night before stuff right now… :frowning: Can’t wait to see her on Saturday and know she’s OK…


It's all going to be fine!



All my prayers and thoughts are with her!!


Prayers, Thoughts and best wishes going out to Kimberley,

Would have sent them earlier but thought you were posting for Mrs Unique, and I'm feeling I may not be alone on this, so I am sure there are more prayers for Kimberely coming your ways.

Having your support is half the battle won

Best Wishes