Prayer second brain surgery

Need God’s Strength and faith to face second surgery.I know my life is in Lord’s hand.I pray for peace to trust in His will in my life.


His peace is what will see you thru. Hang in there. Prayers. :pray:t2:


I feel so grateful for your words from the Lord.And thankful for the prayers.It is in His Loving Hands.I needed to be reminded that my Life is truly in control.Hope and will say a prayer for you too.:pray::heartbeat:

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I’m praying in the Name of Jesus for your complete healing, strength, peace and comfort and protection. You prob have had your surgery already but Im just reading this now…May God bless you!

Really can’t imagine how much means to me for your prayers.I had my first. right side 2, BA’s craintomy,clipping surgery. Dec. 4,2018.
Now Iam going to have second BA’s,craintomy,clipped on left side
Dec.3,2019.It just short one day of a year.Iam struggling with next surgery.So thank you! from my Heart for reaching out to me.Trusting the Lord for Grace.

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