My latest aneurysm update

Well from my last message to you all I mentioned I have a 10mm aneurysm with a 10mm opening. This was discovered by chance when I went to the Drs about something else. I mentioned I was having headaches everyday for a few months now and waking up from them. So my Dr sent me for an MRI the very next day. I was then contacted the day after to go for an MRA.
Well what I want to say is that I’m due in hospital next Thursday 24.03.2022 for my op where the surgeon will place coils in the opening. But the great news is, I have a brother who is a Pastor who was so concerned about me that he had all his church praying for me (members in my church and friends have also been praying for me). My brother Michael asked if he could anoint me and fully explained what this is and how I am to prepare myself. Anyway, I agreed. So a month ago he visited my home one weekend along with his wife Pearl. It happened on the Saturday our Sabbath when he along with my Pastor and an elder from my church were in attendance at my home. But I just want to say here that the headaches were throbbing and constant everyday to the point of finding it so difficult to have any rest from them The strongest painkillers were not working and they were getting much worse. After I was anointed and prayed over it was like a scroll being rolled back taking the pain away in my head. It was a miracle because from that very moment, I have not had a headache since. All thanks and praises to God :grin:

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Bella, I’ve moved your topic to Prayer and Healing under Support as we think this a wonderful place for your experience.

I’m really happy to read the faith of the ones you love are very supportive and have helped you immensely. One of our wonderful Veterinarians laid hands on me prior to my third procedure. I was hesitant but was assured that it would be okay. I had a bit of anxiety going into that procedure as we didn’t know if I would end up with a craniotomy, so I had my hair cut very short, just in case. When I was in NSICU recovering, my wonderful Neurosurgeon said the same words Dr. Paula had said in her prayer almost verbatim. I became very excited and shared it with my Neurosurgeon and her Residents. God never ceases to amaze me and does so every day.

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