Posting about my experience with pain/pressure after pipeline (PED) stent placed and what I did to help the inflammation causing pain/pressure

I had a pipeline stent placed above a 10mm aneurysm behind my left eye on January 30th of this year. Recovery was fast, but started having migraines and pressure behind my left eye and on left side of forehead the next day. I noticed that if I let the pain (no matter how minimal in the beginning) go on to long without taking tylenol or excedrin, it would take over two hours to get on top of the pain with tylenol/excedrin. Finally after two weeks, my neurosurgeon prescribed Decadron with is a steroid that targets inflammation in the brain/eyes. Immediately after taking the Decadron, the pressure/headaches went completely away and stayed away the two weeks I was on the steroids. Unfortunately, I noticed the pressure/headaches return the next day after stopping Decadron. :frowning: BUT, I heard from a friend about an oil called copaiba (doTERRA and Edens Garden sell the oil), and she gave me some copaiba capsule samples. Within 2-3 days I noticed the headaches/pressure being less and less frequent and seem to be getting better and better everyday. Another friend who has rheumatoid arthritis told me she swears by a combination of copaiba, frankincense, and turmeric oils taken together for pain, so I’m going to try that next, and hopefully the pain/inflammation with go away. I’m posting a link about the benefits of copaiba. I take the doTERRA capsules twice a day, one with lunch, and the other with dinner. I just ordered a bottle of the capsules. It’s $46 for 60 capsules so that should last 1-2 months depending on how many you take a day. Here’s the link about copaiba:

I use doTerra for headeches and migraines Peppermint oil putting drop on forehead … thanks for sharing …

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I just read about peppermint oil but was scared it would give me energy right before bedtime, but I found some “balance” oil blend I had and saw it had frankincense in it, so I dropped a few drops in my bath. Headache went away!

I like balance a lot , it’s calming me down . You can also put it on the wrists and on the back Of the head a little above the neck …

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Wonderful! Thank you. I fell asleep quickly last night and slept well. I was having insomnia from being on the steroids!