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Post coiling surgery

On June 12, 2019 I had endovascular coiling for. Unruptured middle right cerebrial artery annie. The annie was 9mm x 5mm.

I did very well with surgery and was released the following day.

Since I came home I have been sent to ER once by my nuero surgeon due to headache and.vomiting. the cat scan showed all was well with the annie so I was sent home.I continue to have the headaches and vomiting but not every day.

I also have the left side of my face suddenly goes numb and feels like it is just hanging there. My PCP explained this is the blood flow rejuvenating along with the nerves and I could have this for a long time. My skull hurts and feels like fingers coming outward from the painful section. My left eye feels like pressure behind the eye with mild headache and it is painful to rub my eye.

The worst part for me is not knowing when to raise the red flag and go to ER. I feel like I am waiting for a time bomb to explode inside my head.

I dont know if the coiling is a temporary fix or if the surgery is all I will ever need.

I have trouble with my memory. I can be thinking about something and mid thought completely forget what I was thinking about. I have troubles finding the right words and feel like everything is in slow motion.

I get tired very easy and have to lay down and rest which I expected but thought would be improving by now.

Perhaps its even more mentally straining because my surgery seemed so easy. I had very little pain after surgery my incision was not sore and I didnt even feel like I had major surgery. The most painful part was the monitor they put in artery of my wrist. That needle sight bothered me for the first month. Otherwise being tired was the worst part in the beginning.

This sight has helped to understand a little more… Patience is the key for this surgery !

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Patience is the key. I had 21 coils plus 2 stents last Dec. with minimal discomfort. There was some discomfort in the area where the aneurysm was, but that has since lessened. Because my aneurysm has a wide neck, I am having more coils put in on Aug. 28th. i was tired for quite a long time after the surgery too. Hope your symptoms abate. If you have new symptoms, check them out. If your aneurysm did not have a wide neck, I am thinking you won’t need more surgery. I was told in March after having an MRA that I would be having more surgery within a year. Please keep in touch. I was also out the day after the surgery.

God bless you … 21 coils and stints… I will keep you in my prayers. Please give an update when possible. My first follow up is September 16th. I will find out how many coils exactly. I only recall my surgeon kept telling me that I didnt know how lucky I was to be here right now. My family didnt ask questions after surgery because they were just so relieved to hear that I was fine after 6 hours of being in the operating room. Then when the surgeon came to see me in my room I was drugged up … The following day when he was there I was vomiting and couldnt talk … Then I was released that evening…so … September 16th will be my day for questions ! Lol

So my rules were three symptoms - headache, very stiff neck and vomiting. A simple call to your surgeon or a question on your patient portal will clear that up. At first our loved ones panic more than we do, and they always want us to rush to the ER.

Drink lots of water, limit your caffeine for the headaches and increase protein. Our brains need hydration and protein to heal. Check with your surgeon on how much protein. Also ask your doc about sports drinks to see if they might help.

The way I view the synapses and neurotransmitters healing is a road block…a path you take every day and all of a sudden you can’t go that way anymore. Your brain just needs to find the new path and it will. As many, many members advise - this is a lesson in patience. Good luck and keep us posted!

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Thanks Moltroub !
I love your theory ! :grinning: It’s very spot on explanation. It is an adjustment that I can deal with. No matter what I am extremely lucky and grateful to god. My friends dont truly understand and alot of them stay away but if they were true friends to begin with they would be by my side today ! Health issues like this may be God’s way of helping us clean our friend pool of dirty waters :laughing:


You’re right, health issues do have a way of getting rid of the associates and making friends closer. Stay in touch! I forget to log out most times and don’t see responses. It’s my goal this month to log out each time I stop.

I had coiling done in Feb of this year. Still no call for a followup appt.
I thought my followup appt would be in 6 months.

Wendy, Hello and welcome! Call your surgeon…ask what’s going on. I had several appointments between my rupture and six month time period

I didn’t have a rupture. Still think I should look into my followup time ? It has been 8 months since coiling…

I would think that even without rupturing, a six month follow up would be standard, just to see how the coils are doing. They can get compacted and leave a neck opening. They would have to do an MRA. It took me a few years to get to the “see you in two years” point in recovery. Seems I recall most folks had a six month follow up, then a year, then two, and some have went to five! But if I’m remembering correctly, most everyone has a six month follow up after the initial procedure. Still wouldn’t hurt to call and ask, just to make sure you haven’t fallen through a crack. Maybe the scheduler didn’t get you scheduled…

Just found this older paper on follow ups, hope it helps.

After my first coiling, the first appointment was in 6 weeks. This was followed by an MRI 3 months later. I had a second procedure to add more coils in Aug. I had an MRI the day after the procedure and a follow up MRI will be done 3 months from the procedure. Check with the doctor who did the coiling. Hoping that all is well.

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Hi I had my anni coiled 4 weeks ago the op took 6 hours but went well and I went home the next day. 2 days later I woke with a bad headache and numbness in my left side and was readmitted and had a mri scan which came back clear. I was discharged again after 6 days. I’m still not back at work still very tired and have headaches. How long does recovery usually take plz

It depends on the individual. No recovery is exactly the same for every person. Keep hydrated, eat the right amount of protein and get plenty of rest but keep to a regular schedule as much as you can

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