Post Coil Follow up

I am due to go for my 5th cerebral angiogram on Sept. 16 at Hospital of the University of PA.

To be honest, I am always so fearful that my aneurysm will rupture or I will suffer a stroke or SAH each time I go for this follow up. I am frightened every time I go and wonder how long does this follow up need to continue. Although I know that clipping comes with much greater risk/potential for complications I almost wish I had gone this route. All of the follow up that comes with coiling is nerve wracking. I wonder if the Onyx HD 500 ("glue" for anuerysm) has ever been done on someone who already has coil in place? Also, does anyone who has a treated non-ruptured aneurysm still feel like they have a time bomb in their head as I do?

Hi Michele, I had a rupture that was coiled, then a year later had the Onyx because they wanted to add coils but couldn’t get them in. I had one follow up after the Onyx - last August, and then was released. I had my work all done at UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA


Is your doctor Eric Zager?

When did you have treatment and how frequent is your follow-up angio?
Or, are you being monitored before treatment?

Michele, I have glue in my brain along with coils but it wasn’t by design. I had an SAH and coils were not effective in stopping the bleeding so they added the glue. I’ve had one cerebral angiogram since then (it was 4 years ago). Since mine ruptured it’s a different situation then yours.

Tiffany and Shelly,
Thanks for this info…I wondered about getting coils glued together…it seems to make much sense.
I hope all others who have had glue will share their experience.
I haven’t compared cost yet on glue to coil…tho I have compared a lot of other thought…

hi michelle , smile, I also had my surgeries at HUP, for giant non ruptured anuerysm, 51 coils and 2 stents,and they used glue also, and all is well so far!!! had 4 surgerys from 2008 to 2009,rest assured the staff at HUP will do the very best for you,they did for me!!! don’t be afraid to write down questions to ask, follow ups are very important because they need to see if the coils compress, that is what i went thru,when u get online maybe we can chat???meanwhile, try to stay calm , and don’t be afraid to call your dr andask questions, know u will do well, have a good nite!!! Julie


I am sorry if asking you if Dr. Zager was your physician was too personal. I was asking in a positive way. If you know him then please consider what he has to say…If he is not your physician think about making an appointment with him. He is an exceptional physician. I saw him in consult and I must tell you that his opinion about what could happen is exactly what did happen in my situation. I wouldn’t think twice about following his direction. I hope he helps you too. Take care and God bless.

Hi Michele , hope u r doing well,keeping you in my prayers, Julie

Hi Michele, I understand how u feel I had mine coiled and sometimes i wish id chosen to have it clipped, they did give me a choice but clipping scared me so i chose to have it coiled. I am a basked case every time i have to go have another MRI, its the only time i cry i mean its bad. I still worry all the time that it will rupture. On my next MRI i plan on asking my Dr. about the Onyx it sure would be great to have a break from worry. Laurie