Post Angio Pain - others?

First and foremost - THANK YOU to everyone for the good wishes and support! It matters so much!

In the bigger scheme of things, I'm not complaining and am thrilled w my very good angio results.

However, I'm really uncomfortable at the site of the incision into the femoral artery. I didn't have this level of discomfort when I had my surgery 6 mos ago - puncture was on the opposite side and a little lower down - that time, it was sore and a little bruised, but just looked like a poke

This time, there is really no bruising, but the area looks dented in (about 1/2 inch, I'm sure where the incision and stitch are), but it hurts much more. I can't even sit at a 90degree angle without pain- I have to be reclined or semi-reclined, and it hurts to move around too much. I feel like a wimp! The angio was Thurs morning and it's now Sunday night!

I imagine this is a variation of normal, and that maybe I got off lucky last time, but can others let me know what their experiences/understanding of what post-angio recovery is like? I can of course call my doc tomorrow, but I feel like maybe this is just normal and/or I'm being a wimp....


No, you are not being a early not move / twist / stretch...MY PERSONAL opinion/ judgment...

you do not want to instigate bleeding...CALL early am...if it worsens, perhaps emergency? Some on this site (sorry, memory blanks on names/dates) have addressed having more extensive bleeds / having transfusions..

(that's assuming I comprehended / remembered reasonably)

NO, I am not trying to frighten you...just be so not see what may / may not happen...I have little to no memory of those time periods of mine... Does your md and/or your insurance company have a nurse 800# to call?

Prayers wrapped around you...keep us posted...

Hi Jaycie…I remember alot of pain in my groin from the angio when coils were put up in brain…but not at the site, but in my groin…and I bled internally at the site…anyways…I really think you should listen to your body and call the Doc’s office…be safe not sorry…I remember one of the nurses telling me that often women hurt more in the groin area then men…not sure why? However, I donot think you are a wimp, but perceptive about your body…call and keep us posted…Gotcha in my thoughts…Hugs Colleen

You are not a wimp!!! If it hurts call the doctor. Just taking a pain pill is not a good plan if that’s what the doc suggests. Keep us all posted. Thoughts and prayers your way.

SOOOO I spoke w the my surgeon's nurse today - she puts it in the category of normal, especially since there's no real bruising, it's not looking worse or getting more swollen. She said that the same procedure on the same person at different times can be experienced very differently, which makes sense, but still....

Also, where the incision is looks so so so odd - I explained it to her, and she said she'd seen that once before (she described it as a dimple - which is a mild description for what it looks like --- really looks like a crater - ) and had a doctor look at that patient, and the doc said that it happens sometimes, and should go away in several months. Hmmm. It looks really wrong. I think I will go have her take a look at it later in the week when I can drive myself there. I have a feeling that whatever is causing the crater-look is making the pain worse.

Anyone else end up with such an odd scar/area where the incision was? My other one was just a poke and my skin was flat - this looks like a sink-hole!

As always, thanks...

Other than the terrible bruising...I could barely see the spot Jaycie...

I don't know what to say...I think the Doctor needs to look at it...and reassure you...if it is really ok...

Keep us posted...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

I only have a small spot both from my first and second angio. The second was when they put the coils through. The first healed well with very little bruising, the second healed fine too except for a really purplish bruising around the area but I assumed that was because of the aspirin and Plavix I had to take the second time around. Now, there is only a small spot - the bruising disappeared after a week. How about going to a different doctor (not the same one who did the angio)? I think it’s unusual you still have some pain after 3-4 days.

Hi - saw my doctor today. So - turns out that it's because I'm thin....the stitch/closure device usually has more layers between the artery and the outermost layer of skin - and those layers (forget all the technical terms) are normally pulled down somewhat, but it's not evident and isn't as uncomfortable. When the stitches dissolve in 2-5 more weeks, the skin won't be pulled in anymore and will look normal.

I'm glad I went - what he said made sense, and also got to discuss the angio results some more. He thinks that the very tiny one above my large coiled one will likely never grow, because tho it's not coiled, its opening is covered by the stent from the large one below it. And the 2mm one on the other side - he said it may or may not ever grow, but that if it does, it doesn't fall into the category of one that would have to be clipped - it could be coiled. Love my doctor. He really took the time to explain everything and is just so nice!

So I ate some cookies on way home.....when the doc says you're too skinny....permission to indulge!

Glad you rec'd good news Jaycie...

Happy Easter to You and Your Family...! Hugs Colleen

Glad to hear there was nothing wrong apart from you being “too skinny”. I wish I had that problem :slight_smile:

That’s great news.