Something found on 1 year MRI post op clipping

In July 2012 I underwent surgery to have 2 BA's clipped. Had my 1 year MRI and was called with appointment to see my Neurosurgeon. My MRI/MRA revealed something in the area of where they clipped, it is big enough that it is covering the area they clipped and they have no idea what it is. I am scheduled for another angio. on Nov. 6, 2013.

Has anyone else had something like this?

Oh Gosh Caroline...will send out some thoughts and prayers your way... Please keep us posted ~ Thoughts and concerns out to you ~ Colleen


I am at a loss...yet, I know one who had surgery/clip for MCA aneurysms... and, had to have some f/up... Whatever the detail, she is pleased w/her results...

Where your aneurysms?

I wish your neurosurgeon got you a quicker date for your angio...prayers for your results...

Hugs and prayers...


hi caroline

with mine i have like a growth attempting to cover my clips. i think the growth as i call it is like scar tissue or something similar. my spec is not at all concerned about it. it happens to some and not others. weird thing the old brain. its like its sending out a message to the clips saying what are you doing here. hope this helps


Pat, thank you for the hugs and prayers.

My 2 annies where on the carotid artery pressing on the left optic nerve, both were clipped backed in July 2012. Yes I wish they could get me in sooner for the angio, waiting and not knowing is the hardest thing to deal with. I just want to move on.

Thanks for your support,


Hi Noel,

Did they figure out yours was scare tissue from the angie? I am hoping mine is only scar tissue also, will have to wait until Nov. 6 to find out.




Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, will keep you all posted.


Caroline...mine, a "L ICA near the region of the PCoA origin" was coiled...w/those results, I have so encouraged others to rely on the origin of care of open surgery...

Did you have unusual symptoms before your f/up MRI/A...or surprised that anything was visualized in the current MRA images?

Were you shown the open surg completion images for comparison to the current MRI/A?

Did they note any Noel did? If you have more questions generated...will you be able to ask them all before the angio?

I have really pushed the Two on the Forum... still do...and w/strong prayers for each of their sequels on recovery...the potential issues, symptoms, healing, treatment, therapies... when to expect symptoms to decline, etc...

Typing this reminds me to order more of Two Books...when I plan tomorrow it takes a couple of months to get there...

Continued hugs and prayers... and keeping us updated...



I have pressure behind my left eye and left side of head, but thought nothing of it as it comes and goes, it was not constant. I did mention this to the person performing the MRI/MRA, but I was surprised that something was found.

We did look at my previous MRI/MRA's, Cat Scans and both angiograms (pre surgery and post surgery) This was not seen on any of those.

They did not mention any potentials, they were actually stumped/surprised to see it and have no idea what it is.

Yes, I will be able to ask more questions prior to my angio.

I will look into the books, thank you for the suggestion and for the hugs and prayers.


hi caroline

they said it was along the lines of scar tissue but was not a problem. that is as much as i can tell you. i know it would be frightening but you must be rest assured you have good people looking after you.when i was troubled with something i would talk to the man upstairs. he helped me a lot.


My Prayers Caroline to you as you wait it out til the angio--wow, I'm sure you were surprised that they found something--Lets hope its scar tissue like Noel said, and nothing serious. Peace, Janet is sooo comforting (to me!!!) to read that so much has been open, shared, covered, w/you... It is such a warming, a confidence for you, for your care...whatever may be needed...whatever ethics are flowing over... you have been every way displayed/discussed by your blessed...even tho you have this oddity / yet awaiting diagnosis...My confidence has surprised me...I am sitting here w/warmth linked to Noel's man upstairs...w/his origin of care...

More hugs and prayers... .



Decades ago...unrelated to an aneurysm...a friend had a surgery w/scar tissue in the healing process...It has slipped memory re: was monitored for potential expansion...w/no problems...

Well my angio procedure went smoothly. After the procedure one of my Neurosurgeons students spoke to my husband, he told him the clips are doing their job and all looked great. We were so pleased and thought once again this was all behind us. Well today I was informed that I have to meet my Neurosurgeon to discuss the results. Soonest appt. they had was 11/25 so back to waiting and and worrying...this is the hardest part to deal with for me. Just wish they could tell me over the phone instead of making me wait for 2 weeks. Oh the highs and lows, like an emotional roll coaster.

Hi Caroline,

Yes the waiting is the hardest part ! I agree, I think a phone conversation would've been ideal. i'm hoping its just the formality of having a face-to-face with the doctor being the reasoning behind the appointment on their end...I hope its nothing but to say your clips are holding up ! Peace to you as you get thru the next coupla' weeks, Janet