Please Keep me in Your Prayers

Hello everyone, I have a request that on Monday May 21, 2012 you guys will keep me in your prayers because I will be going back to work for the 2nd time. The 1st time I didn't do to well. I guess after my daughter died (1/22/12) I really gave up for awhile. But now I am ready (I think) to give it another try. My co workers are great they have worked extra hard to keep my spot at work so I feel I owe them a great deal for all their hard work.

So please keep me in your prayers. I am going to give it my best shot. My husband and family are behind me telling me I can do it. I still feel nervous but with God I am going to try!!!

Thanks for all your prayers in advance. Oh my annie was on Oct 6 2011. Worse but best day ever!!!! (If that makes any since)(I AM ALIVE FOR MY OTHER 2 CHILDREN) lol

Lots of Hugs!!!!


sending you tons!

Hi Tiffany,

Prayers are on the way!

Two tips:

Should you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed on your first day (or any day) at work, stop for a moment to:

  • Remember that God loves you. He will be there with you. Lean on him for the strength you need to make it through the day.
  • Ask someone to help you or to refresh your memory on how to do something you haven't done for while. Don't feel embarrassed to ask. You will be respected for doing so by those who have supported you through your absence and who want you to succeed.

May God bless you.


Thanks, Sue.

Congrats on going back to work.


Good luck Tiffany, I will keep you in my prayers I know God will be with you guiding you every step of the way. Jill xx

You got it Tiffany...~ please let us know how things go...Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way ~ Colleen

Ps...I love what Carole wrote to you...~

Many prayers are being said for you. Wishing you all the best, you can do it!

Sending positive thoughts your way...~

will do Tiffany may the Good Lord give you the strength .so sorry to hear your loss- you have endured so much-glad you're with us on BAF and glad you have a great support system. Aren't co-workers great! That's wonderful they kept your position open !Remember all who can;t return to work ,i was not so fortunate but understood my position had to be filled being the only painter in the retirement home where i worked. If anyone can return to the workplace it is YOU. Think positive and try to get your rest! Good luck let us know how you fair-ron

Tiffany, sending prayers your way. I hope today is a wonderful day; it sounds like everyone is going to be so thrilled to see you and to have you back. I am so sorry for your loss; you have been through a great deal in these short months. You are a very strong lady and a great inspiration. Do let us know how your first day back goes.