Please pray

Just a quick request as I am off for an angiogram.Please say a prayer for me to recognize Gods presence and accept his will not mine.Also a million bucks waiting for me in the mailbox when I get back wouldn't hurt either!!! LOL Good Luck to all and God Bless You

Good Morning Darlene...Im sending prayers your way :)

LOL...with the million bucks...Darlene laughter will really help you through this journey, but in the meantime...You Have My prayers...keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way...Colleen

prayers for you and by the way if the million bucks happen to come your way also can you loan me a few $s?

good luck hope everything goes well!

Hi Darlene,

I pray that you are feeling God's presence and he will grant you his peace.

May you have a positive angiogram results.