Please I have some questions

They say you are suppose to get checked every year, but couldn’t it burst before that year is up? Shouldn’t it be sooner ?
Is aneursyms hereitary ?
Did any of you have no symptoms but later found out you had a aneursym???
When you were in this pain, could you call for help??? Or was it something to fast?
Any details on experiences please…
How long was the recovery?
Did you have any thought in that moment somehing wasn’t right ?
I am just searching for answers. Thank you

Hi, I think it depends on how high risk it is. once it gets to a certain size, they likely won't wait anymore and will just suggest to treat it, but as long as it's still low risk, they will watch it, and I suspect they dont usually grow that fast unless there are other reasons (like high BP, other risk factors etc). The other thing too is that scans etc use radiation so they may have to weight up the benefits of doing them too often, against the harm they might cause long term. I dont know exactly how long before I lost consciousness when I had my rupture but I think it could have been around 30 mins. I knew something was wrong, but stupidly kept trying to dismiss it even though deep down I knew it wasnt going to just pass, (sudden vertigo that felt like my brain was floating, severe head pain) but once I started vomiting I called to my husband to ring an ambulance (I was in the shower). I lost consciousness while he was on the phone but came around when the paramedics arrived, lost consciousness again but once I got to the ER I became conscious again and was able to tell them what happened. In hindsight, I shouldnt have waiting so long to call an ambulance because I knew something terrible was happening inside my brain. I have a feeling other people may do the same, just keep trying to dismiss what's going on (e.g. especially the head pain). I remember hearing sharon stone during an interview say she had this terrible head pain all day, until her friend came round and took her to the hospital. I have to admit in my case, it was the vomiting that finally convinced me to get an ambulance asap.

Hello mine ruptured had instant headache dizziness eyes shaking and vomiting. Wasn’t able to walk because of so dizzy but was able to call oUT to son to get phone and call911.knew something terrible was wrong and not sure was going to make it.overwellming feeling of doom. Got to hospital and don’t remember much but was flown out and wok up after surgery and coiling was done to a different life.several months of recovery before was able to return to work part time and then full-time. 2 years post now and still adjusting to the new me.but very happy to be alive and cherish every day because came so close to not seeing the next one.prayers and family and friends helped me make it thru. Left over prayears headed your way.

Hi Danielle,

Ye, aneurysms can be hereditary. In my case, my grandmother died of a rupture, my mom had one but she survived thank God. I was checked subsequently and found out even two aneurysms, which were treated recently. I had no symptoms, except for migraines unrelated to the aneurysms apparently.

Did you get checked yourself? If you did not find aneurysms, you might have to get rechecked in the coming years, since aneurysms can grow.

I understand you had a traumatic experience, but you should not freak out too much, especially if you're being followed by a doctor. The rate of rupture yearly is generally around 1-2% (it can be higher in certain cases though, but it's rare)... so, of course theoretically it could rupture, but you have WAY MUCH HIGHER risks of having a car accident than your aneurysm rupturing during that year.

If you have a family history of ruptures and you do find out you have an aneurysm, my guess is that your doc will want to treat it, don't worry.

As for your other questions, both my mother and my grandmother had the capacity to call for help when their aneurysm ruptured, my mom could make a phone call even though she fell down on an almost empty street. So, you see, the human body works miracles. Her recovery was pretty fast - not more than a month I'd say, and she regained everything, you could never guess she had a ruptured annie if you see her.

You seem to have been very traumatised, and if you need any help, you can contact me privately too. I, too was in a state of shock after my mom's SAH even though she survived, it's an extremely painful event, no matter what the outcome is.

The best thing you can do is learn about anueyrsms as you are trying to do, talk to a neurosurgeon or neuroradiologist and be as rational as you can. I send you warm thoughts and prayers and I'm here if you have more questions, Tania

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What my doctor told me is they normally don’t really do anything until it’s five MM but sometimes they will try to repair it before then if they feel you’re a good candidate as far as health being young etc… Mine was for MM and they decided to repair it by doing the pipeline procedure

My doctor basically told me I really wasn’t in danger at 4mm but I also wasn’t allowed to carry anything heavier than a newspaper once they found it so obviously that was a little unnerving. As far as symptoms I did suffer from migraines with aura but they really don’t know if one has anything to do with the other. I will say since I’ve had the pipeline procedure my migraines have been very few and far in between. As far as hereditary goes yes it is something that runs in the family. My grandmother died of a ruptured aneurysm and once they found my my whole family had to be tested.

I remember nothing of my rupture and had no symptoms before it (migraines but unrelated to the aneurysm).... I only get this from my husband who was with me at the time of rupture. We were at a college basketball game and before getting to our seats I cried out bloody murder and my husband called for an ambulance. I think it was VERY lucky that we were at a teaching college hospital because overall my care was excellent. I spent 44 days in the hospital and lucky to be alive with no real deficits.

The only surgery that I can recall was the stent.... I had my brain drained, coilings, shunt, vena cava filter.

Dear Danielle,

I was having mild seizures for almost 15 years before my aneurysm was discovered. I asked the neurosurgeon if it could be left alone, and he said no. I had surgery a month later. My paternal grandfather died of a cerebral hemmorrage, so I don’t know if it is hereditary or not. It took me over a year to feel normal again, to feel “like myself”. A neurologist prescribed Carbemazepine, which stopped my seizures, and the aneurysm wasn’t discovered until ten years later, mainly because MRIs hadn’t arrived yet in our city. I haven’t been checked since my aneurysm was clipped 15years ago. I did have an aortic aneurysm repaired in 2008. Good luck, and fear not- they are very good at fixing aneurysms these days.

David Andrus, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My sister saved her own life by knowing what was happening. (Yes, they can be hereditary, our Mother and Father both had them) She called 911 and told them she was having a rupture. She described it as the worst pain she'd ever had, the vomiting was another sign and she was alone in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Thankfully, 911 believed her after she said, "I've seen this before in my mother!" so they sent a special "life-saving" ambulance. She is one smart lady and 9 months later, she is doing very well. I took a lot of therapy and also 3 weeks in ICU, but she prevailed. Attitude is everything.

I had a mild headache all week. The day before my rep sure I knew something was wrong. I didn’t feel good I lost my appetite. At dinner I had a sharp pain in my eyes like an ice pick.

The day of my rupture I felt nauseous.

Danielle, have you asked your neurologist these questions? We can each give you our opinion but we are not the treatment specialists!

When my aneurysm and AVM were discovered, I had minor episodes of not being able to speak. Each episode lasted about 20 or 30 seconds and I would have them randomly. My primary care physician, when told that my left eyelid drooped during these episodes, sent me for my first scan. I had no pain. I was sent to neurologist, then to neurosurgeon. Several scans and opinions later, I decided to have open surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The AVM was removed and the aneurysm clipped. All went well. That was in July, 2013. Other than my energy levels being a little lower than before, I'm fine. I see neurologist every 4 months unless I feel I need to see him more often. I am still on medication (Keppra and Klonopin) as I do still have some of my episodes without the droopy eyelid. I've been told that aneurysms are not hereditary.

Please, ask your doctor the questions you have asked this forum. They can explain things better than we can for sure! Good luck. Chilly

My husband had an aneurysm rupture 8/13. He had the worst headache ever. But thought it was just a bad one and we waited until the 4th day and I took him to the hospital. We are now down to going once a year and of course you watch for signs if you think something is wrong.

They told us they are NOT hereditary, but my father-in-law died from a ruptured aneurysm and they suggested our son be checked. So to me that kinda sounds like it is hereditary.

They told us a lot of people have aneurysms but they never rupture or cause any problems.

I think the recovery is an on going thing. We spent 19 days at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis, MO. in the Neurology/Neurosurgery ICU. Most of which he remembers very little. Today 14 months later most people would say he was 100%. He is not. Things people that are very close to him can see. Sometimes he can't figure some things out that he could before. He has to concentrate on some things for a long time. He is still tired and needs to nap sometimes. He works 3 days a week now where before he worked full time. But if he never gets any better than he is now, we can live with it. We are so lucky that he survived as specially considering he bled in his head for 4 days.

The headache was the clue but we just thought it was his bum neck causing a headache like it did sometimes. So if you every get the worst headache of your life, have it checked out.

Good Luck. Joyce

Most likely if they are aware and monitoring it i don't think it would rupture I was told that they are hereditary The only symptom i had before it ruptured was a severe headache, that came on suddenly. I was driven to my Doctor by a coworker because the headache was so severe, and they did a ct and told me that i had a ruptured Brain Anurysm. Happened very quickly. I had no idea that it was a rupture or anything to do with the brain. As far as recovery time goes, mine was very complicated because i developed a nasty infection at the clipping site.

Best of luck to you


Hi Dan,

First of all, I just want to say it must have been so awful for you. Thank God they were able to do the surgery and save you. You mention, as many people do, "woke up to a different life." Also, you're still adjusting to the new me 2 years post.

Was your recovery worse because yours ruptured? I imagine so but not sure so that's why I'm asking. I find myself worrying so much about the recovery, probably more so than the surgery.

Take care,


Hi TaniaM,

Read your story and like you, my mother and grandmothers all died of aneurysms. I knew a lot of my life that this was probably how I would die and it would be in my 60's like them, I'm 56. But I never thought to do something about that. It was on my medical records but they also did nothing. In hindsight I think that was a huge error on their part and I should say something next time I'm there. Mine were found having an MRI for other reasons.

You sure were brave to have yours treated before anything happened! I'm so worried about recovery, probably as much or more than the surgery. Can you share anything about your experience?



I was told they are not heridatory although my two aunts passed away of these . They say it’s only heridatory if it’s passed down by a parent which neither of mine have an anuersyms. I get checked once a year and am always scared when I get a headache that’s bad . I guess I’ll say go with your gut and like me go to the ER if you feel it’s bad. They probably think I am crazy by now. I’ve been there twice in 3 years . I hope you are well take care

aneurysms are definitely hereditary
, Mt father and his mother both died from them…after my 2 ruptures in a 6 week period I was checked at 3,6,9, 12,18, and 24 months. After the 24th month it was 6 months from that then 1 year then 3 years and I just had my 5 year check up. My next is 5 years away from the 3 year check. I had minor symptoms such as headaches but nothing major. In hindsight I shold have been more agrrestive but dI’d not know family history played such a big role. I hope that helps

Dear chillygirl,

First of all, I am sorry for your experience, how frightening it all is. Please, if you want, could you tell me more about the droopy eyelid? That's called ptosis I was told. I had that in my right eye, which is legally blind, this summer. I see only out of my left side which is where the aneurysms are. No one could explain it but eventually led to the MRI. The eyelid completely recovered quickly too.

Facing surgery, one of the possible effects can be ptosis. My doctor said I may have that and I would know as soon as I woke up. What happens to it next, healing completely, or staying partially shut remains to be seen. That's probably my biggest fear. I won't be able to see well, I can see perfect with contacts or glasses but if my eye is half shut what difference will it make? I do know that there are eye neurosurgeons who can repair your eyelid so I know that's possible. Who knows what the future will hold right? I'm interested in your experience if you wish to share.



Hi Danielle,

I think by reading the replies to your post that you were in a car accident so that's why your worried about aneurysms. First of all do you have one? You seem terribly frightened and should talk to your doctor immediately about your concerns. All your questions are valid but I would say to stop worrying until you find out for sure. Let me know how it turns out ok?

Take care,