Dad has an aneurysm and I'm scared

Hi all, have found out that my Dad has a 5mm saccular aneurysm towards the base of the brain (I'm not sure where exactly the location is) and I'm scared out of my mind. He went into hospital for a badly blocked carotid artery and was suffering migraines and sensitivity to light and noise and very dizzy/unbalanced. After many scans and tests, the doctors found the aneurysm. He's 65 years old and I'm so afraid. We are just waiting to hear about how they will operate and whether they will do the aneurysm first or the carotid artery.

Any help and comfort would be so welcome.

SummerGirl, remember to breathe. If you don’t know how to do deep breathing, there’s some simple instructions under the Mindfullness Group. Become as informed as your father allows. Talk to him, he may not have thought of questions your thinking of. Perhaps he will allow you to accompany him to the doctor’s. Write down questions as you think of them. Really go through unruptured aneurysms on the BAF website. You will gain some knowledge, understand some of the medical terminology and have a hundred more questions. Perhaps your father would also like to take a look at the BAF site. Please remember to breathe through this trying time.

Well if this aneurism can be coiled I can tell you from my own experience that it was very successful. I have two 10mm aneurisms behind my optic nerves (one on the left and one on the right) and both were coiled very successfully with minimal after effects. I was pretty sick for a few days after each procedure but seem to have come thru it all with flying colors. I have had one MRA after six months and it was fine. I will go in next month for my second MRA and expect everything to look good again. Positive thinking only. BTW, I am almost 74 years old. Your Dad will be fine with you waiting for him with a big smile on your face!

SummerGirl please know that your not alone right we are all here with you so try to be strong for your dad,if you don't mind my Prayer partner and I are praying for your Dad..If you dad had acarotid artery the Doctor are preventing a Heart Attack right and with test Monitoring an Unrupture Anuresym. Please feel free to ask any questions!!!!

I hear your shock and worry. It's SO much better that it has been caught before rupturing. It's a totally different animal. Talk to the doctors. Get info. Be strong for your dad. Focus on pulling him through it and making informed decisions. Stay busy, that will push out worry. You can do this. :-)

Hi Summer, Certainly an aneurysm is nothing to take lightly but please keep in mind that they detected your dad's aneurysm before it burst. Even though he'll need an operation, the likelihood of suffering disabilities is minor in comparison to a ruptured one. I had a massive (stage 5) aneurysm which left me after the operation (4 coils) and coma for months in hospitals and rehabs. the op was 7/11/2013. I had another aneurysm which was detected via MRI which I have to take every 6 months. I was operated again last year in June with 2 more coils inserted. But because it hadn't ruptured I recovered much more quickly and was even able to leave the hospital within a week. Like others have commented here before, please get as educated as possible about the kind of aneurysm your dad has and it will be easier for you to comprehend. I wish your dad the best of luck.

They found an unruptured aneurysm in my then 10 year old son almost 6 years ago. They performed a surgery, and he is doing incredible! He is now almost 16, and has gotten scanned every year, and the doctors tell us he will be just fine. You are all so very lucky that they found the aneurysm when they did! And now it can be fixed, and I’m sure he will be fine. Will say a prayer for you all, and hope that this helps to allay your fears a little.

As what everyone said your Dad is luck they found the Aneurysm before with Rupture SummerGirl just please keep us up date on your Dad..

Thankyou so, so much for all your help everyone and all your prayers, I am so grateful for it all. The positive stories are helpful and I appreciate them all. I also found out today that it's a saccular type which is genetic. I'm so afraid that I have one now - I'll have to get tests to see if I do have one. I'm so scared to find out.

Thankyou again.

Hi SummerGirl. Try and be grateful that they found it on time… You are so lucky! A 5mm saccular aneurysm looks like a pretty common one… Now of course much depends on the location and his overall health of course. But what you are describing here does not worry me at all. I’ve had 2 unruptured annies treated, one saccular, 7mm. The other was a bit more complicated. And it all went fine. Try and find out what the location is, and whether it’s a wide neck or not. But as I said you are SO lucky to have found it on time, I know it’s a tough diagnosis to swallow, but it’s worth looking at the bright side. And it will help him too. Keep us posted and be strong

Summer, it's much scarier to suffer a ruptured aneurysm. Please get an MRI! You're much better off knowing if you have one. Please keep us posted.

I have a family history of annies. Two relatives died from burst ones. How lucky was I to have mine diagnosed and fixed before that! It IS so scary to get this news; but from the surgeon's point of view - it's just another procedure. The small risks from fixing it are much less than the risks from an annie bursting. Do get your tests and consult with your surgeon and take his/her advice. My kids got tested and so far, so good - no annies. I am sure that your dad is in good hands and they will do all they can to help him get through this. Mine was coiled and I do have dizzy spells still - but I am so thankful to be alive. Stay positive and strong and learn all you can. The chances of success are very high.

Dear Summer Girl,

Take heart. I was diagnosed with a giant aneurysm when I was 58. It was repaired by clipping 16 years ago, and everything is fine now. Prayer helped me a lot, both my own and that of others. Doctors are amazing these days, and I’m sure everything will be fine. Give your father your love and support. That’s all you can do at this point.

David Andrus, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Look, I know it's scary, but the good thing is that they've found the aneurysm and will be monitoring it. It's much worse to not be aware of its existence until it suddenly ruptures. I can't say which they will operate on first but - lay person's guess - I'd say the carotid artery blockage sounds more serious. Please be calm, for your Dad's sake, and trust the doctors!

Yes, mine was genetic too Summer but my sister and both my daughters had c scans and are aneurism free. My uncle died at age 33 and his son at age 61 of burst unknown aneurisms. Your Dad and I were lucky to find them before they burst so you are worrying too much too soon. Remember, think positive and tell you Dad all the positive things you read on here and ignore the negative one. Some tend to be discouraging but just forget those.

where did you hear that saccular aneurysms in particular are genetic? afaik, they are the most common type so it may or may not translate to a familial connection. yes, you could have an aneurysm, but unless they rupture you generally dont know they are even there, so try not to worry, you many not have any at all. If you have two first generation relatives with aneurysms, then you are at a higher risk for having them as it can point to a familial connection. I had a ruptured 8mm saccular at the age of 44, neither of my parents (in their 70s) have had them, nor my two older siblings so sometimes it can be an isolated case, and if he has a blockage, Im thinking this may have a lot to do with the aneurysm, perhaps the blockage is putting extra pressure on the artery area where the aneurysm is. Stay calm, it sounds much scarier than it is, remember, it's not the aneurysm that is the scary part, it's if they rupture because that is very traumatic to the brain but these days many are found before rupture like in your fathers case - that's a good thing.

SummerGirl said:

I also found out today that it's a saccular type which is genetic. I'm so afraid that I have one now - I'll have to get tests to see if I do have one. I'm so scared to find out.

Thankyou again.

I have 3 aneurysms. One has been successfully treated with a pipeline stent. The other two are being watched with annual MRAs. One is quite large; the other the size of your dad’s. Yes, it is all scary but knowledge and treatment are powerful. Best of luck. Find a support group.

I think most of us understand the extreme fear of find the aneurysm for the first time, but then we find out that fear does no good (at least for me). Take it one day at a time, be strong and positive for your father. Let the doctors do the test necessary and take it one step at a time. I found mine in 2013, craniotomy clipping 2 months later, and still recovering. I was 35 and have 2 young kids. I’m not 100% and don’t expect to be, but am about 90% and finding my new normal. Find the best doctors that you are most comfortable with and take it one step at a time. We are here for you and I have found great support in this group. I could not have done it without their help and emotional support. Positive prayers going your way to you and your dad. :slight_smile:

It is a great advantage to discover an aneurysm before it ruptures. After it ruptures treatment must be quick as a matter of survival. Knowledge is power and allows for preventative measures. Be thankful that it was discovered. And do be evaluated ourself. Life can go on and be good.

This is good news that they found it before it ruptured! I’m glad they will be able to help your dad, he is in good hands now. Stay strong for him and just be there for him. It means so much to him right now. Count on the support of your family and friends to see you through. In tough times like this there are also some beautiful moments too and that will help see you through too. My prayers go out to you and you Dad.