Clips or pipeline stent?

Hi my name is Jo-anna and I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I have just heard from my Dr. that I can have either one the choice is mine. I have two annies, they are a mirror of each other. one is 7mm
and one is 4mm. First they said they were 9mm and 6mm not sure how that changed???
anyway I am looking for some advice. They can’t do coils. As a surgeon He said he would prefer to cut me open, but he may not be able to do both of them. He said that the pipeline has not been around long enough its still experimental after reading some of your posts. I would like to hear what you have to say.
thanks J

Hi Jo-anna and welcome to BAF!

I'm a pipeline recipient but I live in the US. The pipeline was FDA approved for use here back in April of this year. I was the 7th person to have it done in the Philadelphia area. Also the pipeline has been used overseas, in Italy, Argentina and Austrailia for quite some time now. It is far from being experimental at this point!

The pipeline is a much less invasive procedure, as it is inserted via a catheter through the femoral artery up into your brain. Please look in the Group section up top, and you will see int he Groups one called the Pipeline Embolization Device (PED) group where we have posted a lot of information regarding the use and experiences of persons who have received the PED.

Clipping on the other hand is a very invasive surgery where your skull is opened up and the annie is "clipped" off. My sister had an annie clipped which was on the anterior communicating artery. Her recovery was much longer than mine, as far as the physical aspect of it.

Deciding which way to go is a person decision only you can make but you should arm yourslef with as much information as you can before you make the decision. Discuss it with your family and friends and anyone who will be helping you with your recovery. Also, in the forum section you will find posted quite a few times, A LEtter From Your Brain. I suggest you read it,and share it with your loved ones so you have an idea of what is to come.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and am here to answer any questions you have re: the Pipeline.

Best wishes and please keep us posted!


I just had 2 clippings done in July. I don't really know anything about pipeline. I would be willing to answer any questions you have about my clipping experience.