Pipeline Flow Diverter Side Effects

Had two pipeline flow diverters put in about 2 months ago. Recently, I have started to see “stars” or “sparkles” in my vision. Happens quickly then disappears. Had my eyes checked and everything is normal. Has anyone experienced this? Any other side effects I should look out for?

hi, that is not a side effect of the stent i dont think. It depends if you had a rupture SAH i would guess. I had a SAH and see millions of mini lights all different colors, its quite cool but startling, kinda like Christmas lights but the size of a pin head. Mine come late at night when i’m exhausted and i turn out the last light. I think its the damage of the bleed to the eye to brain connection, sorry for laymans terms! tc oh also i see orange/gray fuzzy pattern on the computer screen that reminds me of when TVs shut off at night and you wake up at 4 am to fuzzy screen

Hey Ron! I enjoy the lights too:). Mine are all white, but they make beautiful patterns.

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hi Moltroub! good to hear from you and the others.
Hmmm do you dream in color? curious as to why yours white, you take care now byyyyeeeeeee!

I didn’t start dreaming that I remember visually until about six months ago and sporadically at best. They’re in black and white, I cannot hold images in my brain yet when awake. I think the first image that popped in my brain was about a year or two ago, it was a horse’s front leg from about 4” inches above the knee. It was black and white. I can’t being up images on command, like family, animals, etc. But if I see a picture, I know who or what it is. I keep working at it.

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ty, makes sense

I’ve had these for 2 years. They are a side effect. At first I freaked out called the nuero, got me in right away, did scans and angiogram and all were ok at the time. It is a side effect and very frustrating and can be scary! Your not alone!