Pipeline embolisation device (PED) on NHS

Hi just wondered if anyone from the UK has had a PED on the NHS. There’s plenty of info from our American friends but just wanted to know what to expect here in th UK

Hello Rich,

I had a 12mm aneurysm treated in the UK last April with a PED. Surgery carried out on NHS. I have a second anuerysm and am waiting for the same PED treatment on this one now

Surgery went straight forward I was discharged from hospital after 2 night stay. Had my angiogram in December. Anuerysm not quite fully occluded but has shrunk well. Will have another angiogram prior to PED treatment for my other aneurysm. PED is less invasive with quicker recovery time and can treat anuerysms in areas that previously may have had very limited treatment options available.

Thanks very much, my procedure is hopefully going ahead in May, so fingers crossed it will be ok

There are quite a few NHS cases of PED treatment that I have found as that is the treatment that I have been offered (yet to have my op). Feel free to friend/message me for more info Rich :slight_smile: