Headaches w/ unruptured aneurysms

Hi there,

I just found out in a two minute talk w/ my doctor while my daughter cried after her immunization (not the best time to talk or ask questions) that I have a small, 2mm brain aneurysm. I plan on going back after reading posts and ask more questions such as where it is located, limitations, etc. I was only told to go to emergency if I experienced a headache which seems like very limited information given what she told me.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced pressure, headaches with unruptured aneurysms? For the past little while my head feels very sore every day. Also, she didn't mention anything about running which I do and I was wondering if anyone here runs and if that is alright.


How was it that your aneurysm was found? Have you had an angiogram with contrast dye?

Yes your doctor gave a vague precaution regarding symptoms, and you need a bit more information I'd say. Are you seeing a Neurosurgeon as well?

As for other related symptoms to watch for, any type of focal abnormalities, drooping of an eye, numbness, pressure behind an eye....and ofcourse a headache that is "the worse headache of your life" ..can all be aneuryrsm related signs.....as for the running, I would hold back on that until you have a lot more information on your particular situation. On my first aneurysm I had pressure behind an eye as well as blurry vision when I first woke up, but had no idea I had a problem until the aneurysm grew and I had the headache from hell.the 2nd aneurysm 8 years later manifested itself in focal abnormalties (whenever I looked upwards my eyes wouldn't re-adjust again for a minute or so) but had no headaches .

Although your annie is fairly small, a growing annie is a concern, as they now realize that even a small one can rupture as easily as a large one can . You need some detailed info and I hope you're able to see your doctor soon .

Peace to you as you go thru this, Janet

Be sure to ask about follow~up's...Doctors should watch for any growth...I had an unruptured aneurysm...and before it was found I had a headache of all headaches...could have hit my head against the wall...went to ER and told migraine and High Bp...about 1 week later collapsed and told I had a 9mm basilar artery tip brain aneurysm...they felt it was leaking...~ Colleen

I will definitely go back this week. She told me the last time that they will schedule me for a second MRI in January. No neurologist referral at this point. I forgot to mention my Mother had an AVM (all the problems that go with that; brain surgery etc) and a bleed a few years ago. I am a bit nervous about mine because of all of her problems.

As for the headache question...mine is not severe as described online. I just a bad headache and feel 'out of it' or 'foggy' which I wasn't sure if it was the annie or just a bad headache; the weather change, etc. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

It was found as a precautionary MRI because of my Mother's history.