PED in Cartoid Artery Question?

Help - I am new to all of this. I had a PED installed 8 weeks ago to divert away from a 2 mm ruptured aneurysm in the upper Cartoid Artery and I am at home now. Can a PED move in the artery after they installed?? I am worried about bumping head or moving head too fast. Just the other day I was holding something that I thought was anchored at bottom and it wasn’t. The vibration went throughout whole body and have had worse head aches last two days (no bump on head - just a shaking through body) Any thoughts would be awesome??

Hi Dave, again welcome! I did just reply to your wall posting, and hopefully some other members will put their 2 cents in too!
Best wishes,
Linda Z.

I had my PED placed 8/2011. It's in my carotid, sort of behind my right eye. I've had several CT scans and angiograms since the surgery and have never been told it's moved. I assume they would tell me because it could mean another PED to be inserted. The PED hugs the artery, so to speak, so it shouldn't be moving. I had some pretty bad headaches approx 8-10 weeks after my PED so the dr had me come in early for my 3 month CT and he said everything looked great. Will you be getting a follow up CT at 3 months as well? If so, it doesn't hurt to call the dr and see if they can go ahead and schedule it a little early.

I just read this, I have also wondered. Since the post is older and I didnt see any responses, I am living in The Villages, Florida and am flying around on a golf cart and have hit some big bumps and have had some lasting headaches, could the vibration loosen it?? My annie also was behind my eye in the cartoid artery.. my PED procedure will be 2 years in May.

Hi Dave! I used to worry about the same thing. You will feel better about the whole thing after your 6 month follow-up angiogram. It was explained to me that my pipeline is now encased in tissue; a reaction of your body to a foreign object. Pretty cool eh? I still get floaters...little zippy lightening things but usually after exertion. Best wishes.

My PED is "now encased in tissue", I LOVE THAT; like a very special fine gift from one of my favorite stores, yes that is exactly what I wanted to hear. THANKS Amy.