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I've made this page for the posting of articles that anyone finds that they believe would be of interest to the Group.  I'll try and move the older articles to this section, but if anyone finds any interesting, please post!




FDA approves new device to treat brain aneurysms

The Pipeline embolization device (Covidien) met the trial primary endpoints for both effectiveness and safety, according to results from the PUFS (Pipeline for uncoilable or failed aneurysms) clinical study presented at the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery 8th Annual Meeting, on 27 July 20 ;

The Pipeline Embolization Device PMA application is based on the results of the PUFS (Pipeline for Uncoilable or Failed AneurysmS) clinical study that included safety and efficacy data on 108 patients. PUFS is a single-arm study of large and giant, wide-neck or fusiform aneurysms typically not coilable, with six-month safety and effectiveness endpoints.

Here's the PITA STUDY.


Hi Linda, try this. take care.


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Pittsburgh News Story

Hi Everyone!

As promised, here is the link to the news story on the PED which aired in Pittsburgh last night. The link wasn't available until today. You will see me, my funky shaped aneurysm in 3D, and my wonderful doctor.

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Press release in Pittsburgh on PED

Try this link instead. The other didn't work when I tested it.

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Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience Reports Largest Case Series of ...

This is the hospital where I had the PED done and Pascal Jabbour was my surgeon/hero! Dr. Jabbour is proctoring the PED surgery across the US and I'm so proud to have him as my doctor!!

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Link to article Wendy mentioned,

Prayers to Joey also, I am in same boat with bleeding stonach, duodenal ulcers and ulcerative colitis, taking me of plavix due to bleeding and needing another endoscpoy and colonoscopy, but last time I was off Plavix I had blood clots causing blindness in right eye as that is where my 4 stents are. Between a rock and hard place as Dr said on Friday.

I thought this was an interesting study...

Long Term PED Results can be found here:

Long Term PED Results.

Thank you Giovanni for providing the link to this info!

This is info on the new "FLEX" PED that was used June 17, 2015 on my large, wide neck lobulated saccular R-ICA paraclinoid/anterior cavernous segment Cerebral Aneurysm. It took 2 devices overlapping and spanning from the supraclinoid segment to the cavernous segment across the neck of the aneurysm. I have another not treated yet and wearing a prism on my right lens to help with double vision.

Thank you LindaZ and others who share on this site, I continue to learn!! Star

Thanks so much for that info Star! I’ll have some light reading to do, as I love keeping our members in the know!
Also, how have you been since this surgery? And what platelet therapy are you on? And when does it (whatever you’re on) end? I’ve been waiting to get our first flex PED patient! Congrats on that! Please also keep us posted as to your follow up. Next angio (6months?). MRAs yearly? And of course, how you’re feeling.

Again, thanks for sharing and please keep us informed! If you put it on our group wall, chances are that many more will see your post. But, please feel free to answer here as well!
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? Found this, hope its not a duplicate, I found very interesting. Star

Pipeline™ Embolization Device - | Covidien

click on left side of pg-Flow Diversion & click on Resources-right side of pg. Open Patient Brochure and last pg has MRI Card info we need to have with us at all times.

Thanks for the link to the patient brochure Star. I do hope that you were provided with the actual card before you were discharge from the hospital. If not, you should contact your doc immediately. I have had to provide that card every single time I’ve had an MRI or an MRA, even though the facilities I use have been provided with it each and every time I go!