Times they are a changing

So I’ll put in here and invite others to do the same on what they’ve read or seen about the changes in aneurysm research. Yes I know the BAF has their own topic section for what they put in but I wanted to add to it and hope you do as well.

I was trying to do some research after visiting my Neurosurgeon yesterday and found this article which I think gives a good background on ways which cerebral aneurysms have been fixed over the years. And guess what? It also mentions the Contour device that @Gemini30 was asking about here’s the article: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fneur.2023.1156887/full

And you get to see my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Stacey Quintero-Wolfe. If you don’t follow The Bee Foundation, I’d strongly encourage you to do so. The more clicks they get on their YouTube videos, the more the message gets out as we all know. A little bit about the research Dr. Wolfe is talking about started with this man, Svante Pääbo https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/2022/paabo/lecture/. So it’s really about what we’ve all been saying and questioning on team work in the medical fields for a very long time it seems. Dr. Quintero-Wolfe is very excited and is working with a number of different Doctors at different facilities to get the research done. Won’t it make a fantastic difference for those in the near future!


Wow. Very impressive. I like her tenacious enthusiasm and extensive research papers. Thank you for sharing your amazing surgeon! I am looking for a neurosurgeon closer to home here in South Carolina. NYC is a bit of a drive. And with an active 3mm posterior ICA and some “remnants” from my clipping 1.5 years ago for an 8mm anterior ICA wide neck with daughter aneurysms on top, I am a bit nervous at times with the wait and watch approach as I approach my 70 birthday, thankfully.
I have been out of touch here at this wonderful most supportive site and have missed the gang.:heart::heart:

Glad you liked it! She has an amazing amount of energy and passion. Have you searched here for a Neurosurgeon in SC? If you can’t find any, start a new topic and ask.

I had a lot of daughter sacs on my aneurysm, she stopped counting at 24…I’ve always wondered just how many there actually was, yes I’m weird, I told Ms Ryann it must be my Irish showing with all the procreation my aneurysm was doing, I think she almost choked with laughter.

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Thank you Moultroub for the link. Its most interesting. Would have replied sooner but we have been away on a short break and just got back.


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Good for you and I hope it was a grand time!