PED and previous stent

Hi, my neurosurgeon has recommended the use of pipeline to fix my aneurysm which is recurrent and residual. I was treated with coils and stent during 2005. The doctor said it would be dangerous to clip the Annie now with the previous stent across its neck so that the best option for me now is pipeline. Everything sounded really good and I am now just waiting for surgery date but I was reading a bit last night and found an article (… ) which said that pipeline should not be used to treat an aneurysm with a stent previously placed across its neck.

This really scares me… I can’t find any other sources that explain or talk about this… does anyone know from experiencie or have an idea from talking to doctors or other survivors about this matter? I know I should trust my doctors more than just a magazine… But it concerns me a I and have no chance to speak to him before surgery

Thanks, Naya

Hi Naya,

Unfortunately your link isn't working, but I do remember reading that you cannot use the PED where another stent was in place. However, that was last year and so many new things are being done with the PED, like use in the basilar artery that some of our Group Members have had placed (the PED manufacturer states that it is only for use in the internal carotid artery). The FDA does allow for "off-label" use, so maybe your doctor is doing that.

Please talk to your doctor and bring this up to him. He is the only one who can really answer this question for you. No article, or experience of anyone should be a substitute for your doctor's knowledge. Remember, you can talk to him before your surgery, he works for YOU!! You need to speak with him, especially if you have questions!!

Please call him and keep us posted on what he says!

Best wishes,