Panic attacks and a please

I found out 3 weeks ago that I have a small, 2mm brain aneurysm. I have been coping well I thought. However I suffer from panic attacks amoung other things and have been on medication for them for over 10 years The first 2 weeks after I found out were the most panic free weeks ive had in years But now the last 3 nights I have spent more time awake scared out of my mind then sleeping. Its interfering with me caring for my kids, I'm a single mother of 4. I left my husband a year ago and he is not in anyway involved with ur kids. Its a long story but it comes down to my fear. The reality is setting in about this little bomb in my head and I don't know what to do. Anybody out there have any tips? Thank you all

i dont know how close you are to man up above..God..but when i came home after having my 5mm anny rupture i as consumed by fear and panic attacks..i couldnt leave my house because i was too house used to be a place for family get togethers, birthday parties...always at our house..that changed when i was scared to be outside or around alot of people..well i tellya what i did and that was to ask the Lord above to help me escape form this jail that this experience had helped me to make..i prayed like never before..everyday..all the time..God helped me..i had a prayer counselor pray with me and she told me the devil would like nothing better than to see familes broken, taken apart however he could get into your have to have faith that God will not bring you to anything he is not going to help you thru..he will always be by your side and he knows your babies need their what you need to do on your end to remedy that stupid anny and God will take care of the rest...i hope this helps and i will keep you in my prayers..try not to be scared, be cinfdent that you have someone looking over you and will keep you n prayers..michelle

Hi Bernadette: I can somewhat relate to your situation. Incidental finding of several annies. I went through the range of emotions. 2 docs told me not that uncommon and just keep an eye on them (yearly testing). They may never grow or rupture. I can’t imagine however being a single mother of 4 and going through this! You will deal with it for your children because they need you. We are here for you, many of us in the watch and wait club. Cyber hugs to you.

Hi Bernadette,

You've received so much good advice from other members so far. I would like to echo what they've said and encourage you NOT to think of having a time bomb in your head.

I want to encourage you to pray that the Lord that he will take care of you and your children. Get a good, highly skilled neurosurgeon - someone that you can talk to and trust and do get more than one opinion. Research the issues. Focus on your children and your life ahead. Prepare for the different scenarios then expect the best.

I will pray with you that all will be well. If you are inclined, please read my story. I've been walking around with aneurysms for more than 42 years. It's not a road map for you but, it may help to calm some of your fears.


Thank you I am grateful that they found it now while its still intact and small. The only. Problem I'm having so far is the migrains.

thank you for the prayers I don't think you can have to many people praying for you. I am trying to keep my faith strong. I have talked to my pastor and I try to remind myself that my Lord will watch me through this. I just feel like I'm being tested sometimes.

Thanks I have spent many many hours with numerous specialists due to the fact that my 13 yr old has had numerous health problems since birth including epilepsy and mental retardation, so ive even met different neurologists. I am sure there are great doctors out there that will help me find the best plan of action. How long ago were yours found? Have they grown? In your opinion was it better for you to wait and see then have it surgically remedied?

thanks its driving me crazy that I cant fix it myself. I know that may seem odd but I'm mom I can do anything, right? Lol I try to focus on the kids and because I have wasted so many years being afraid of everything I'm trying to make up for that now I guess. If you don't mind me asking do you have any lasting effects from the ruptures?

Thank you I am going to read hour story

Hi Bernadette...

Your story makes me sit and think...Which came first the "chicken or the egg"? Meaning...Which came first the anxiety or the aneurysm"? I say this because about 10 years ago I too suffered my first "panic attack" in my car...I was 37 years old and it was the worse thing of my life...without going through the particulars (you know the symptoms) ... I didn't know what was going on with me, but I thought I was having a heart husband had to come get back and have someone drive my car the time we didn't know what happened, but I remember the first thing I felt was dizzy in the everything was moving faster around me then the car itself...I made appts with Doctors and some said, anxiety, some said vertigo, allergies, stress, etc., it was frustrating and to be honest I really was made to feel I was took me 3 years to get back to driving a car...besides just around the block, etc., it was crippling and debilitating to me...My independence (the only thing I had left...) was gone...well I made it...I worked hard on the attacks and went back to husband and I really felt something was wrong more than what they said, but we couldn't figure it out...anyways about 2 years ago...I was driving home from a luncheon and out of the blue...I had a worse panic attack then the first one 10 years be honest I prayed for was a week later (another long story) I was rushed to ER ...found high blood pressure, then a week after that I collapsed and they found a 9mm leaky basilar artery tip annie and a 2mm behind my left eye...this is when we started wondering...since that time I have been on this annie journey...I no longer drive...the fear when I get in the car is well...the worse thing...I try to go around the block, down the street to church, etc., but often I just can't do it...I haven't given up ... one day I will do this and get back to "whatever normal is for me"... but I must tell you no one understands, but my loving husband and that is all that matters...I didn't answer your question, because I have no answers...just don't "give up...on YOU"...Cyber~prayers your way ~ Colleen

Hi Bernadette: My 3mm annie was found after a 15 day migraine, slurred speech and drooping eye nearly closed. They thought it was a bleed. I waited so long to go to the doc because I'm used to migraines but must say this one was different/worse/longer than ever before. They said if was a bleed, no evidence. They said headaches unrelated. I went for 2nd opinion and that doc said I have 3 annies. I guess that's why they call it medical "practice". Annie's from what I read here are often different in size and/or number than originally thought once they really get in there. I was told clipping only option due to placement and wide neck. Risk of treatment higher than leaving alone. The docs were almost dismissive about it, like what's the big deal. I probably won't even go for my 1 year check since the 6 month check showed no growth. Maybe every other year. I hope you find a good doc willing to listen and explain all to you. I understand they deal with this every day but for us, it's kinda a big deal at least at first. Best wishes, Mitch

hi b,

i had my rupture bacin oct 09..and was back towork by december..being it only part took me a while before i felt like being around crouds, lotsa sound and hubbub(texas word) lol..going on..i also felt like resting alot//i know each individual is different in their recovery process and i think its all up to your attitude and outlook on how you want it to turn was about a year n a half to two years before feeling really back to myself again..but there are some people on here who felt better almost immediately and some who still struggle..i know one of the most imprtant things is not to rush//slow n know i probably repeated myself..short term memory was considering i'm still here..i'm alve for my kids and husband..i'll take all the rest with a lump of sugar..i'm doing pretty good and i know you will to..God bless and healing prayers coming your way

Ya my gp has been acting like that I mean really? How can she say its no big deal when it has the potential to be a life changing or ending? I'm hoping the neurologists will be better. I don't understand how the Annie cant be related or the cause of my headaches tho. They are in the same spot every time. I'm so confused. Thanks

ya I don't know how I feel about the wait and see approach lol I'm more of a take.action kinds gal myself Unfortunately in this situation I am not the head decision maker so I'm gonna have to trust my drs. Thanks for the support do have your hands full; on the other hand, some say they have had aneurysms for years that have not grown...

Conversely, mine was not diagnosed, even after my first emergency...overall you are blessed to have een diagnosed early whe it is so small tha your decision for treatment will likely be well before leaks/ruptures.

Or as in the case of Mitch, any of her symptoms would likely get you to your neurospecialist very quickly for a check-up and procedure if needed.

You have the blessing now, w/yours so small, to put together a lot more of your questions / concerns and isit with your doctor again about when what may be done, and, symptoms to watch for. What options has your doctor presented to you now? Do you have family /friends; and, if/when you go in for surgery, whether clip or coil, who will be available to care for your children?

Prayers for you to try some yoga deep breathing...and, think the positivity of your early diagnosis.


Hi Bernadette, I too had very bad anxiety after my first aneurysm burst and the discovery of a second, I had some Cognitive behavioural therapy and what my therapist told me helped when I had these panic attacks, she said that I'd felt this way before and I was still here, so when I have a panic attack I ask myself is this the same as other times and providing my headache/sickness etc is not really severe I calm myself with those words, I don't know if this will help you, but it certainly worked for me, I was calling my kids at silly o'clock in the morning to come over because I was so scared, healing hugs, Jill xx

thanks I feel like that's all I can really do right now is try ame keep everything on check. Has yours ruptured?

I went to my first support group meeting today and I was the only one who had a Annie that hadn't ruptured. I started to see ot as a blessing. My Dr hasn't given me. any options yet I'm in limbo unroll o see the neurologists Tuesday. Do you have any idea what sort of questions I should ask? Given your experience os there anything you wish you would have asked? As far as caring for my children I'm kinds stuck there. When the time comes I have family in southern California and Washington that may be able to help. I have a boyfriend that will pitch in and a friend that I can ask for a little help but nothing really concrete and that in itself causes me anxiety lol Its just a vicious circle. Thanks for listening to me vent

Tjanks I will try to think of ot that way. I text my friend at all hours of the night but luckily she works nights so my panic attacks fit in her schedule haha


It is grand you have a support group and they will likely help you w/ questions, and more. What area are you in?

Prayers that you have a lot of contact in this site, w/those who are in the waiting process; those who already (past several years) made their decisions; those who have completed their treatment; and, those who have/had much of the anguish you have in the decision process. Many of those have gone through he shared question process.