Pain poem

Pain, please leave me,
Please will you just go away?
Quit haunting my every moment,
Stop bothering me every single day.
Pain, this horrible feeling,
What did I do to deserve such pain?
Why are you punishing me?
Why do you have to remain?
Pain, leave me alone,
I will not be consumed by you,
What did I do wrong?
What do I have to do?
Pain, will you continue,
To afflict my every moment?
For the rest of my life,
Or is relief being sent?
Pain, leave me be,
What will drive you away?
I don’t deserve this,
I did not ask for you in any way.
Pain, I wish I could,
Banish you to hell forever,
I will not rely on you,
I don’t believe in you ever.
Pain, stop the torture,
Release your grip on me,
Will you please stop?
All I want is to be free and me…please I beg you pain let me be!

Hi Bonnie...I wrote under this post and my comment disappeared...anyways...I hope that every day gets a little more pain free for you ~ Colleen

Thank you